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When shopping for contact lenses, consumers want to be assured that they’re getting a high quality product. While many contact lens manufacturers boast about the high quality of their lenses, people tend to rely on the familiar brand names that they know are popular. Popularity is often a useful signal to consumers about the level of quality that they can expect. Familiarity with a brand is often related to higher consumer confidence.

It may come as a surprise to some people that many popular brands of contact lenses are sold under different names. The reason for this is that many retailers purchase contact lenses from a manufacturer in bulk and then put their own private label on them for marketing reasons. For example, the popular Biomedics brand of contact lenses, originally developed by Ocular Sciences before being acquired by CooperVision, is known by many other names. Aqualens, Aquatech, Sofmed, Softech, Omniflex, Ultraflex, and Versaflex are just a few of the many different names that Biomedics contact lenses are marketed under—in fact, Biomedics contact lenses are sold under 25 different store brand names.

What this means for consumers is that what may have seemed like an off-brand and potentially low quality contact lens is actually the same high quality lens they may already be familiar with. Another example of this is Aquaclear. Aquaclear contact lenses are identical to Biofinity brand contact lenses which are also manufactured by CooperVision. The most important thing to remember about store brand contact lenses is that they’re the same high quality lenses sold by the manufacturers. In some cases, purchasing the store brand contact lenses may save you money without sacrificing the quality you deserve. It’s important to discuss which brands of contacts are right for you with your eye care professional before making any contact lens purchasing decisions.

Since 1995, Lens.com has been proud to offer high quality contact lenses at discount prices. Choose from a variety of different store brand contact lenses from Lens.com and enjoy hassle-free returns, quick shipping, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Store Brands Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.8/10 - 40 reviews

Aqualens 38

Store Brands

I can't believe how long I went without using aqualens 38 contacts! I switched from Oasys and have been please. The only downside is that I can tell I'm wearing them towards the end of the day, but maybe that's typical. Other than that, I love these contacts.

Aquatech 38

Store Brands

I really can't say enough about aquatech 38 contacts. I started using them a couple years ago, and they certainly are the best contacts I have ever worn.

Aquatech 55

Store Brands

I like them because they stay clear and fresh all day long, for two weeks.

Bioflex 38

Store Brands

Always satisfied with the service and quality of product.

Clearsoft 38

Store Brands

Good service and fast shipping.

Mediflex 38

Store Brands

Everyday before work I put on my Mediflex 38's. It's been two years now and I think I've found a good fit for me

Optiform 55

Store Brands

Optiform 55 are the best fitting contacts I have ever used. My eyes move a lot, and other contacts would be very uncomfortable. I am very happy with the brand.

Polysoft 38

Store Brands

I really have taken a liking to theses new Polysoft 38 contacts that I just bought.

Polysoft 55

Store Brands

What a fantastic pair of contact lenses. The Polysoft 55 is the only contact lenses I have EVER worn. My eye doctor told me that I should take them out every night but being the lazy person I am, I decided to tempt fate and leave them in until they started to bother me. After MONTHS without taking them out, they started to get bothersome. I am sti...

Proflex 38

Store Brands

Proflex 38 contact lenses give me a good two weeks of wear - but don't forget to clean them at night

Sofmed 55

Store Brands

I have been wearing Sofmed 55 lenses for 15 years and I'm very satisfied.

Ultraflex 38

Store Brands

My eyes are never irritated with Ultraflex 38 contacts. This is a great deal for a great product.

Bioflex 55 Premier

Store Brands

Quality and reliability comes at a cost..... or does it? I've used many types of contact lenses for over 20 years but have always returned to Bioflex 55 Premier Contact Lenses. They have are durable and perform well in everyday situations. They simply do what you need and have a consistent quality I can trust.

Ultraflex 55 Premier

Store Brands

All day comfort at a reasonable price. Prefer the Premier, which is an aspheric design with greater vision clarity, than the regular Ultraflex 55 non aspheric.

Prosite XC

1-2 Week Disposable

Great product!

Softview 1 Day

Daily Disposable

The Softview 1 Day contact lenses make my life easy. These contact lenses are very hassle-free. I just put my contact lenses in and forget about them for the rest of the day. They are very comfortable so I can barely feel them in my eyes. Best of all I don't have any more eye allergies like I did with weekly disposables. Dailies are the easies...

Aqualens Toric

Toric Lenses

Everything timely and accurate.

Bioflex Toric

Toric Lenses

There's nothing that I just like about this product very easy to use I would recommend to any person

Sofmed Toric

Toric Lenses

The quick delivery

Target Toric

Toric Lenses

I bought the Biomedics Toric lenses last week and I am already noticing a big difference in my vision. I had some blurring before but with these I see much more clearly.
These contacts are great! Sofmed Breathables Toric have a special way of getting oxygen to your eye so that your eyes feel comfortable and healthy all day long. I noticed I can wear my contacts for longer now with less irritation.