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Store Brands & Private Label Contact Lenses

What are 'store brand' contacts? 'Store brand' contact lenses, commonly referred to as Private Label brands, are products manufactured by major lens manufacturers, such as CooperVision, and packaged under the resellers' own branding. What the customer receives, as an example, are Biofinity contacts. To be clear, what's advertised as something else, say 'Private Label Monthly Contact Lenses' are not only similar to the manufacturer's contacts, they are in fact 100% the same as the manufacturer's contacts. Resellers like Costco, Walmart and others, do not manufacture their own lenses, which is a multi-million dollar endeavor. They do however have them packaged and branded under their own name. The idea is to lock you, the customer, into purchasing contact lenses you can only get from the retailer, by prescribing the 'exclusive' store brand. The exclusivity does nothing for you, only benefits the seller.

How to save when buying store brand contactsThe intent of these rebranded contacts is to encourage brand loyalty and repeat business (sometimes at inflated prices), and it's a perfectly legal practice. The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) is a federal law that, amongst other consumer protections, mandates that private label prescriptions also indicate the original manufacturer's brand name, allowing consumers the freedom to choose where they purchase their contact lenses. recognizes these schemes and informs customers of them. It then offers better value by delivering to consumers the same underlying product, sourced directly from manufacturers and without the extra branding costs, at significant savings. Below is a list of the most popular 'store brands', their equivalent products, and the savings we offer over the reseller.

All Store Brands Contact Lenses
Sofmed 1 Day (Same as ClearSight 1 Day)