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Clariti 1-Day Toric

Clariti 1-Day Toric

$22.69 Lowest price /box after rebate


Clariti 1-Day Toric Contact Lenses 1 box - 30 pack / lenses - 1 month supply

Clariti 1-Day Toric
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$22.69 Lowest price /box after rebate

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Product Information

Clariti® 1-Day Toric is a daily disposable contact lens from CooperVision, designed to correct for astigmatism. Astigmatism is a condition in which an irregular curvature of the eye results in distorted vision at any distance. Toric lenses like the Clariti® 1-Day Toric effectively address this condition with a thicker zone that keeps them from rotating when on the eye, while being able to bend and adjust better to the eye's demands. They also help you orient the lenses the same way each time, so you can count on consistent vision. Clariti® 1-Day Toric inherits the comfort features and technology from the popular Clariti 1-Day family of contact lenses including AquaGen™ technology and UV protection.

Clariti 1-Day Toric lenses combine the convenience of daily disposables, with the health of silicone hydrogel. Silicone hydrogel lenses allow more oxygen to pass through to your corneas than hydrogel lenses. Clariti 1-Day Toric lenses feature AquaGen™ technology. The AquaGen process creates a lens that naturally attracts and binds water molecules to the lens surface, so your eyes can stay moist and comfortable throughout your day.

Clariti 1-Day Toric Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: CooperVision
Lens type: Daily Disposable
Each box contains: 30 lenses, a 1-month supply
Water content: 56%
Material type: Silicone Hydrogel
Oxygen transmissibility: 57 Dk/t
Can be worn overnight?: No
Recommended wearing time: Daily
Repalcement schedule: Daily
Availability: In stock
Rebate: $75.00 with 4 boxes, only at
Cost per day: $0.76
Customer rating: 10.0/10
Visibility tinted: Yes
Special features: WetLoc Technology for all-day comfort
% Lens material: 44% somofilcon A
FDA material group: Silicone hydrogel
Disinfection Method: MPS if needed for handling
Lens design: Toric
Production method: Cast-molded
Diameters: 14.3 mm
Base curves: 8.6 mm
Sphere powers: -9.00D, -8.50D, -8.00D, -7.50D, -7.00D, -6.50D, -6.00D, -5.75D, -5.50D, -5.25D, -5.00D, -4.75D, -4.50D, -4.25D, -4.00D, -3.75D, -3.50D, -3.25D, -3.00D, -2.75D, -2.50D, -2.25D, -2.00D, -1.75D, -1.50D, -1.25D, -1.00D, -0.75D, -0.50D, -0.25D, +0.00D, +0.25D, +0.50D, +0.75D, +1.00D, +1.25D, +1.50D, +1.75D, +2.00D, +2.25D, +2.50D, +2.75D, +3.00D, +3.25D, +3.50D, +3.75D, +4.00D
Cylinder: -0.75, -1.25, -1.75, -2.25
Axis: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180

Clariti 1-Day Toric FAQs

Can you take a nap in Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts?

No, you cannot nap in Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK lenses. As Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK are not approved for overnight wear (a full night's sleep), napping in them for a short period of time is not advisable either, and it can lead to eye-health complications. Napping for any length of time with contacts not designed for such an environment is risky. Choose a lens that is approved for overnight wear and seek guidance from your ECP if this is a requirement for you.

How much do Clariti 1-Day Toric contacts cost?

Clariti 1-Day Toric contacts have an online advertised selling price that ranges between $22.79 to $37.99, per box (per eye), with 1 box lasting you for 1 months. On Clariti 1-Day Toric is listed at $22.69 per box after rebates. Taxes and fees vary by seller and can change over time. The price of Clariti 1-Day Toric at brick-and-mortar locations and doctor's offices varies, but on average tends to be higher than prices online due to differences in costs of doing business. This pricing information is updated daily.

How long does a box of Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts last?

1 box of Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts (30 lenses, a 1-month supply) will last you 1 month(s). Bear in mind you'll typically be purchasing contacts for both eyes, requiring at least 2 boxes so double these amounts if that's the case for you.

How do I buy Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts online?

To buy Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts online, you'll need a credit card, the quantity you want to order, and the name of your eye doctor. That's the bare bones. We can contact your eye doctor to confirm your prescription on your behalf. If you have a physical copy of your prescription, great, then we won't need to contact your eye doctor. it's very simple, and if you have any difficulties, our friendly Customer Service Representatives are here to help. These steps are based on rules laid out by federal policy to protect consumer rights and we take full advantage of them to ensure an easy and timely experience for you.

How many lenses are in a box of Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts?

1 box of Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK lenses contains 30 lenses, a 1-month supply of contacts. 1 box, per eye, last you for a period of 1 month(s).

Do I need an rx/prescription to buy Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts online?

Yes, you do need a valid prescription to buy Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts online. A prescription is required to buy any type or brand of contact lens, either online or in a store, without exception. What is not needed is a physical copy of your valid prescription. We need only to verify the existence of this, which is filed by your ECP, and we can do this for you. This is required by US federal law. Prescription verification is easy at We have several methods some of which avoid the need to contact your OD.

How do I read my Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK prescription?

Contact lens prescriptions, including for Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts, follow a standardized format and use abbreviated terms. There are values for power, base curve, diameter, and other parameters, some of which you'll need to specify when ordering contacts. Click here, to see further info on how to read your Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contact lens prescription.

Can I renew my Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK RX/prescription online?

Yes, you can renew your prescription of Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK lenses online. At we need only your previous prescription to begin the quick process of renewing your prescription online, and it takes only 10 minutes. In fact, you can renew any contact prescription, for any brand with, including for a prescription for glasses. Of course, this service is only available in the 37 states which are not under the thumb of the American Optometric Association. Check here to see if you live in a privileged state.

What are Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts made of?

Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK lenses are made from Silicone Hydrogel, using a specific formulation developed by CooperVision. They have a water content of 56%, and a Toric lens design.

Can Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts expire?

Like all contact lenses, Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK lenses do expire. The expiration date will be stamped on the box itself or on the aluminum fold of the blister pack in either a YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD format. Typically, the expiration date for contacts is several years after the date of packaging.

What is the water content of Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK?

Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts have a water content of 56%. The higher the water content in a contact lens, the more oxygen reaches the cornea during lens wear. There are other factors at play however so water content alone isn't enough of a factor to judge a lens' performance for a given person. High water content lenses can feel comfortable initially but may dry out over time, but this is not always the case. So it's good to know about the water content of a lens, but it's not everything. Consult your ECP to find out the best options for you.

How should I store my Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contact lenses?

Daily disposable contacts cannot be stored and must be discarded at the end of each day. Even if you wear them for only a few hours one day, you still need to discard them after that use and wear a fresh pair of contacts the next day. 

You may keep weekly contacts in multi-purpose contact solution in a tightly closed contact lens case for up to 2 weeks. 

For monthly replacement lenses you may store them in contact solution in a tightly closed contact lens case for up to 30 days.

Are Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts, daily?

Yes, Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts are daily disposable contacts. This means they should only be worn for one day, after which they should be disposed of and replaced with a fresh set. Wearing times within a day can vary for individual to individual, and from brand to brand, so you should obtain further guidance from your ECP.

How long does it take to adjust to wearing Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts?

If you're wearing Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK for the first time, it can take several days to a couple of weeks for you to adjust to wearing them on a daily basis. Contacts vary from brand to brand in terms of their shape, material, breathability, wetting agents used, and other factors, thus requiring an adjustment period. Rigid/hard lenses can sometimes take longer to adjust to, whereas most contacts in use today employ a soft form of silicone that is typically easy to adjust to.

Are Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts tinted (aka 'handling tint), for improved visibility?

Yes, Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK lenses include a light tint to make cleaning (when used with solution), handling, and inserting them easier.

How many boxes of Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK do I need to buy to last 6 months, or 12 months?

You need 6 box(es) of Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK contacts to last you for 6 months. In order to last you for 12 months, you'll need 12 box(es). These amounts pertain to a single eye, so to cover both eyes, double these amounts.

Clariti 1-Day Toric Reviews

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Great brand to have been a loyal customer

Nicholas Glover
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Very good price

Prices are good!

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Love the product!

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they are smooth

i like everything

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Quick and easy

Fast and easy

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