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About SofLens Contacts

SofLens® brand contact lenses combine superior visual performance with all-day comfort. Order SofLens contacts from today and enjoy our special discount pricing on SofLens and other popular contact lens brands.

About SofLens Contact Lenses

SofLens is manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, a leading global supplier of contact lenses. One of the oldest continually operating companies in the United States today, Bausch & Lomb radically changed the contact lens industry in 1971 with the introduction of SofLens contacts, which were the first mass-produced soft lenses in the country.

Today, Bausch & Lomb offers a variety of SofLens contacts for lens wearers who are interested in clarity and convenience regardless of their vision correction needs.

The Complete Line of SofLens Contacts

The SofLens product family includes the following contacts:

  • SofLens Daily Disposable - (hilafilcon B) hydrogel material. Introduced in 2008.
  • SofLens Toric - (alphafilcon A) hydrogel material. Introduced in 2005.
  • SofLens Multi-Focal - (polymacon) hydrogel material. Introduced in 2005. 
  • SofLens 59 - (hilafilcon B) hydrogel material.
  • SofLens 38 - (polymacon) hydrogel material. Originally introduced as Optima FW in 1993.
  • SofLens Daily Disposable for Astigmatism - (hilafilcon B) hydrogel material.

Why Choose SofLens?

SofLens contact lenses are high-performance contacts that provide clear vision and long-lasting comfort throughout the wearing period. Made from premium, water-loving materials, SofLens contacts stay moist and smooth all day. 

Certain SofLens contacts, like SofLens 38 and SofLens Multi-Focal, are also naturally resistant to surface deposit buildup that can otherwise negatively impact your lens-wearing experience and eye health.

SofLens contacts achieve a high level of comfort through various means. One way is by utilizing ComfortMoist Technology, which features a combination of thin lens design and continuous moisture. Certain SofLens contacts also feature UniFit Technology, a proprietary technology that ensures a perfect fit on most eyes. Proper fit is key to greater eye comfort.

Moreover, certain SofLens contacts, like SofLens Daily Disposable and SofLens 38, excel in visual performance because they feature an aspheric optic design, not a spherical one. Unlike spherical lenses, aspheric lenses have varying amounts of curvature on different areas of the lens to better focuses light rays entering the eye. This results in crisp, clear vision.

SofLens brand contacts are available in different replacement schedules. Choose SofLens Daily Disposable contacts if you enjoy the convenience of daily disposable contact lenses. For lens wearers who prefer a reusable option, Bausch + Lomb offers SofLens 38 (1-2 week lens) and SofLens 59 (monthly lens). There are also toric options (SofLens Toric, SofLens Daily Disposable for Astigmatism) for lens wearers with astigmatism and a multifocal option (SofLens Multi-Focal) for those with presbyopia.

What do customers love about SofLens contacts?

SofLens brand contacts are popular among customers. Here’s what our customers have to say about SofLens:

  • Comfortable - Customers love that SofLens contacts stay soft and moist, even after several hours of wear. 
  • Easy to handle - Customers find it very easy to insert SofLens contacts because of their visibility tint.
  • Resists deposits - Customers love that SofLens contact lenses naturally resist surface deposit buildup, which can otherwise cause discomfort and irritation.  

SofLens Contacts Compared

Here’s how some of our most popular SofLens contacts measure against each other:

Contact Lens Attribute

SofLens Daily Disposable

SofLens 38

SofLens 59

Lens type

Daily disposable

1-2 week lens

Monthly disposable

Water content




Material type




Approved for overnight wear



No average customer rating





In stock

In stock

In stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Soflens contacts?
SofLens brand contact lenses, manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, come in a variety of styles to meet a range of vision correction requirements.
Are Soflens contact lenses being discontinued?
No, Bausch and Lomb has not stopped producing Soflens contacts. They are still produced, advertised, and sold on Typically, if a manufacturer stops making a contact lens, we will make it obvious on our product page that it is a discontinued lens and they won't be available for purchase.
Can you sleep with Soflens contacts?
Soflens products that are approved for extended wear (worn while awake and asleep for up to 6 nights/7 days) are SofLens 38 and SofLens Toric. All Soflens 2-week and daily disposable contacts are not approved for overnight wear.
Are SofLens monthly contacts?
Soflens products are designed for 2-week and daily disposable contact lenses, offering a variety of options for lens wearers interested in clarity and convenience regardless of their vision correction needs.
Are Soflens contact lenses a good brand?
Bausch & Lomb's SofLens brand contact lenses come in a variety of different styles to accommodate various vision correction requirements. For those who suffer from astigmatism, presbyopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness, or sensitive eyes, Bausch & Lomb's SofLens line of contact lenses has a solution.

SofLens Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.4/10 - 440 reviews

Bausch & Lomb 2 Week (SofLens 59)

1-2 Week Disposable

Good material

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

1-2 Week Disposable

I like how quickly I rec'd my order. Thank you!

SofLens MultiFocal

Bifocal Lenses

I just absolutely love my monthly Bausch & Lomb MultiFocal Contact Lenses. I tried bifocals, did not work for me and I also tried daily (other brand) MultiFocal Contact Lenses and they didn't work so well for me. The monthly one are great.
Quick delivery and inexpensive compared to other options.

SofLens 59

1-2 Week Disposable

The product is great, what was expected. Thank you!

SeeQuence II (SofLens 38)

1-2 Week Disposable

Got my order very quickly.

SofLens 38 (Optima FW)

1-2 Week Disposable

Havenít had any issues since I bought my contacts.

SofLens Daily Disposable

Daily Disposable

Great product, expedient delivery, and service.
Price and quick service.