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Biotrue ONEday
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Biotrue ONEday

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Biotrue ONEday $160
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About Biotrue Contacts

Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health company, first released Biotrue contacts in 2012. The contacts are made from HyperGel™, the next generation of Daily Disposable material. According to the company, HyperGel has the best features of conventional hydrogels and silicone hydrogels. Biotrue contacts also offer high water content and allow oxygen to reach the eye. As a bio-inspired product, Biotrue contacts retain their shape and moisture, even after several hours of wear.

The Complete Line of Biotrue Contacts carries all three Biotrue contacts, namely, Biotrue ONEday, Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism, and Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia. All three contacts are daily disposable lenses, which means they are designed to be worn for one day only.

Why Choose Biotrue?

For over 150 years, Bausch + Lomb has been at the forefront of optical innovation, an example of which is HyperGel. A revolutionary material, HyperGel matches the cornea’s water content (roughly 78%) to ensure a comfortable lens-wearing experience. HyperGel also mimics the lipid layer of the eye’s tear film, allowing the lens to retain its moisture and shape. Additionally, HyperGel allows oxygen to flow freely through the lens to keep eyes white and healthy.

Beyond the popularity of Biotrue contacts is their daily wearing and replacement schedules. Daily disposable lenses, also known as dailies, offer many benefits. For instance, they are very comfortable to wear because they are replaced daily. Substances like proteins and lipids can build up on contacts even with regular cleaning, and those substances can lead to discomfort and irritation. This isn’t a problem with daily disposable lenses.

Daily disposable lenses like Biotrue contacts are also very convenient. Simply throw away your contacts at the end of the day and wear a fresh pair of lenses in the morning. This convenient replacement schedule is why daily disposable lenses are suitable for new lens wearers.

Biotrue contacts are UV-blocking lenses, which means they help provide protection against harmful UV radiation. This makes Biotrue contacts a great choice for lens wearers who spend a lot of time outdoors. Note that UV-blocking contacts are not substitutes for UV-absorbing eyewear, such as UV-absorbing sunglasses or goggles. You should continue to wear UV-absorbing eyewear as directed.

What do customers love about Biotrue contacts?

Biotrue contacts are popular among customers. Here’s exactly what love about these lenses:

  • Comfortable - Customers with dry eyes find that Biotrue contacts are very comfortable to wear. Customers also say Biotrue contacts don’t dry out as easily, even after spending several hours reading or doing computer work.
  • Easy to handle - Customers love that Biotrue contacts are very easy to insert and remove, even for beginners and young contact lens wearers.
  • Clear, precise vision - Customers who purchased Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism and Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia find that both contacts provide consistently clear, precise vision.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Biotrue contact lenses?

Biotrue lenses are made by Bausch + Lomb, makers of the popular ULTRA and PureVision family of contacts.

Are Biotrue contacts good for dry eyes?

Some of their options are specifically designed for this wearer. Biotrue ONEday maintains nearly 100% of its moisture for a full 16 hours, thanks to a patented formulation called HyperGel. These lenses actually have the same water content as the human eye.

What are Biotrue contacts made of?

Biotrue contacts are made from hydrogel, in the form of an innovative formulation that has the best features of conventional hydrogels and silicone hydrogels. They have a high level of water content (comparable with levels found in the cornea) with good breathability.

Is Biotrue a silicone hydrogel?

No, Biotrue contacts are not a silicone hydrogel lens, but instead use hydrogel in the form of their patented HyperGel technology. HyperGel features very good breathability that comes close to mimicking the water composition of the human eye.

Which is better Acuvue or Biotrue?
Acuvue has a more extensive line of contacts with over 16 products actively sold in the market, while Biotrue has less than a quarter of that amount of lenses on offer. Acuvue boasts a larger share of the market in terms of sales overall when compared with Biotrue, and to some extent, there's credibility in numbers. Biotrue has a few tricks up its sleeve though: their contacts are made from hydrogel (a material that many users prefer), they have a cost advantage over comparable Acuvue lenses, and their lenses feature aspheric optics to address issues pertaining to glare and halos. Many ECPs and wearers trust and are more familiar with Acuvue as a brand. It's difficult to go wrong either way as each has its advantages. Consult an ECP to determine which may be right for you to try.
Does Biotrue use silicone hydrogel?
No, Biotue lenses are made from hydrogel, not silicone hydrogel. There are advantages to silicone hydrogel-made contacts, including greater oxygen transmission, however, some wearers prefer hydrogel-made lenses for comfort reasons. There's nothing inherently more or less comfortable about one material type over another, this comes down to individual wearers' tastes and reactions to contacts which is often hard to predict without some experimentation.
How do you apply Biotrue contacts?
Biotrue contacts are soft disposable contacts and as such, you should follow the standard procedure for that type of lens. Start by washing your hands with a mild soap, then dry them with a lint-free towel. Scoop your first lens out of the case with your index finger of your dominant hand. Rinse it with a cleaning solution thatís specially formulated for soft contacts. Inspect the lens for any tears or debris, and make sure itís not inside-out. Using the middle finger of your dominant hand, pull down your lower eyelid. If necessary, use the middle finger of your non-dominant hand to pull your upper eyelid. Look upward and gently put the lens on your eye. Blink a few times to center the lens. Repeat this with the other lens. If Biotrue are inserted properly, your eyes should feel comfortable and your vision should be clear.
Can you sleep with Biotrue contacts?
No, you cannot sleep with Biotrue contact lenses. They are daily disposable lenses that are meant to be replaced everyday.
Is Biotrue being discontinued?
Biotrue is not being disconnected by its manufacturer. They continue to be sold on

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Biotrue ONEday

Daily Disposable made it very easy to reorder by giving me the option of redoing my prior order. My prescription hasnít changed.
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