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Extreme H2O 54% Toric Contact Lenses

Extreme H2O 54% Toric
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Extreme H2O 54% Toric Contact Lenses

6 pack - 6 month supply

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Product Information

Not all contact lenses are created equal. There are many factors that go into creating a contact lens that offers all-day comfort, exceptional clarity, and proper fit. These details are especially important for contact lens wearers who have astigmatism, an eye condition that can cause blurred or distorted vision. Astigmatism occurs when the lens of the eye, which needs to be spherically shaped for clear vision, is actually elongated to some extent. The oblong shape causes the light coming into the eye to bounce off the retina on multiple points, rather than just one, resulting in blurred vision. Those with only slight astigmatism may not notice any vision issues at all, but for people experiencing astigmatism problems, corrective lenses are necessary. Glasses are one avenue for people with astigmatism; however, some people prefer the freedom of wearing contacts.

Fortunately, Extreme H2O 54% Toric by X-Cel Specialty Contacts provides extraordinary fit, comfort, and clarity for those with astigmatism. Made from a substance known as hioxifilcon D, Extreme H2O Toric contacts offer lasting comfort and moisture. This material has unique properties that allow it to bind to moisture. Due to this process, Extreme H2O 54% contact lenses retain almost all the moisture they have at the beginning of the day right through to the end of the day. The exclusive Extreme H2O material is also unaffected by changes in the environment, like temperature fluctuations or pH changes. This stability contributes to consistently clear vision. Additionally, these lenses are non-ionic, which means that they resist deposits that can otherwise build-up and irritate eyes.

Of course, with toric lenses, there are more factors that go into achieving clear vision. Contact lenses must fit well and remain relatively stationary on the eye. Extreme H2O 54% Toric contact lenses come in both low and middle cylinder designs, making them a great choice for patients interested in all-day comfort and visual clarity. They feature a prism ballast design and back-surface toric design, making them incredibly stable. Extreme H2O contacts are also cast molded to provide consistent fit and performance.

If you’re looking for high-quality toric lenses that offer stable vision, remarkable clarity, and lasting comfort, then Extreme H2O 54% Toric may be the lenses for you. These weekly contact lenses can make a big difference in improving vision for a majority of the population with astigmatism. When you’re ready to give Extreme H2O 54 Toric a try, compare the low prices at We regularly browse competitor prices so that we can offer the best value in contact lenses. With hassle-free returns, 100% money-back satisfaction, and quick shipping, you can’t go wrong with purchasing your contact lenses from

Product Details

Manufacturer: X-Cel Specialty Contacts
Lens type: Toric Lenses
Each box contains: 6 lenses, a 6-month supply
Water content: 54%
Oxygen transmissibility: 21 Dk/t
Can be worn overnight?: No
Recommended wearing time: Daily
Repalcement schedule: Monthly
Availability: In stock
Rebate: $90.00 with 4 boxes, only at
Cost per day: $0.20
Customer rating: 8.0/10
Inside out mark: No
% Lens material: 46% hioxifilcon D
Lens design: Toric
Diameters: 14.2 mm
Base curves: 8.6 (MEDIAN) mm
Sphere powers: -6.00D, -5.75D, -5.50D, -5.25D, -5.00D, -4.75D, -4.50D, -4.25D, -4.00D, -3.75D, -3.50D, -3.25D, -3.00D, -2.75D, -2.50D, -2.25D, -2.00D, -1.75D, -1.50D, -1.25D, -1.00D, -0.75D, -0.50D, -0.25D, +0.00D, +0.25D, +0.50D, +0.75D, +1.00D, +1.25D, +1.50D, +1.75D, +2.00D, +2.25D, +2.50D, +2.75D, +3.00D, +3.25D, +3.50D, +3.75D, +4.00D
Cylinder: -0.65, -1.25
Axis: 10, 15, 20, 75, 80, 90, 100, 105, 160, 165, 170, 180

Extreme H2O 54% Toric Reviews


Same as the box from my optometrist

I was nervous that my order would be a knock off but it was the same as the order received from my doctor. I'm happy with my purchase.

Mike Murphy

quick and cheap

They came in quickly and didn't cost much. Great buy

Mike Murphy
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