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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes MyDay Daily contact lenses?

MyDay Daily contact lenses are manufactured by CooperVision. CooperVision is an American company based in New York that also manufactures other contact lens brand families such as Clariti, Avaira, and Biofinity.

How long can I wear MyDay Daily contact lenses?

MyDay Daily contact lenses are daily disposable contact lenses. You wear them at the beginning of your day and dispose of them before sleeping. This period should last between 12 to 14 hours but your ECP can help you narrow this as every situation is unique.

Can I wear MyDay Daily contact lenses for more than one day?

No. MyDay Daily contact lenses are meant to be worn for one day only. These contact lenses are not FDA-approved for extended wear and are not designed to be resistant to bacteria and protein buildup.

MyDay Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.5/10 - 19 reviews

MyDay Daily Disposable

Daily Disposable

These are great! Comfortable and high quality. Thank you for super fast shipping!!!
These contact lenses are very comfortable. My eye doctor had recommended them because. They stay moist all day also which I love!
great value especially with the 100 rebate
Awesome price and fit perfect. Thanks again
The lenses are good, the price is right. The problem is that the disposable containers have a lip on the edge which makes it hard to get the lens out smoothly and they sometimes tear. I have used other disposables and not run into this problem.