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Polycon II Contact Lenses

Polycon II
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Polycon II Contact Lenses

1 pack - 12 month supply

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Product Information

CIBA Vision's Polycon II contact lenses feature a gas permeable design that promotes excellent ocular health, comfort and visual clarity. These gas permeable contact lenses provide good oxygen transmission to keep eyes clear and bright throughout wear. Polycon II contact lenses are water-free, which means they are less vulnerable to bacteria build-up for a cleaner, smoother fit.

The lenses can be manufactured to treat a wide range of visual conditions, including astigmatism, presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia and other specialized correction needs. Polycon II contact lenses deliver a sharp, clear view of the world around you. Polycon II contact lenses have a one year lifespan, which means you don't have to worry about replacement until a maximum of 365 days of wear.

To promote handling ease, the lenses feature a light tint that makes them more detectable in solution without changing the color of your eyes. Made from a polymer called silafocon A, Polycon II contact lenses guarantee ultimate durability and a comfortable, stable fit from day to night. Despite the lack of water, the lenses never dehydrate, so you can enjoy a refreshingly moist feeling without eye drops.

Product Details

Lens Type: Gas Permeable
Qty per Package: 1 lenses per box
Material: silafocon A
Life Span in Days: 365 days
Water Content: 0%
Manufacturer: GT Laboratories
Rebates available: No
Availability: 1-2 Days
Status: In Production
Lens.com Price: $33.99
Price per Lens: $33.99
Average customer rating: 9.0/10
% of Material: 100%
Number of sku's: 1,468

Polycon II Reviews


Long Lasting Lenses

You can't beat the quality of the Polucon II gas permeable contact lens! These contact lenses are so long lasting. I was amazed when I had my first Polycon II contact lens. It seemed like it lasted forever compared to other contact lenses that I had worn. The lens is also very comfortable and give me perfect sight!


Polycon II is a great lens and it saves me money

I love the Polycon II RGP contact lens, it gives me great sight and it saves me money at the same time. You can tell that its really great quality because it lasts so long. I don't have to buy new contact lenses all of the time like I used to do with disposables. The lens is also very comfortable. I can put it in and just forget about it! I love ordering online especially that my insurance plan reimburses all cost.

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