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SA 32 (Phoenix 32) Contact Lenses

SA 32 (Phoenix 32)
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SA 32 (Phoenix 32) Contact Lenses

1 pack - 12 month supply

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Product Information

If you’re someone who has dry eyes, astigmatism, or has had difficulty wearing soft lenses in the past, SA 32 (Phoenix 32) rigid gas permeable lenses are an excellent choice for you to consider. SA 32 RGP contact lenses are a new innovation of lenses manufactured by the Lagado Corporation. SA 32 contact lenses are an advanced, health-improving alternative to soft contacts. By allowing eyes to breathe throughout wear, these RGP lenses facilitate better ocular health and comfortable extended wear. SA 32 contact lenses feature a high Dk rating, meaning the lenses deliver large amounts of oxygen to the eyes to help give them a whiter, brighter appearance.

The lenses are composed entirely of a polymer material called wilofocon A. Unlike soft lens materials, this composition is exceptionally durable and resistant to rips, tears, and other damage caused by regular handling. And unlike soft lenses, SA 32 contact lenses do not contain any water. This feature prevents debris and deposits from forming on the lenses, which enhances both comfort and health. Despite a water-free construction, the lenses are designed to lock in moisture and keep eyes hydrated throughout wear. By combining superior comfort, quality, and health into one convenient lens, SA 32 contact lenses are definitely a smart choice.

One of the most appealing features of SA 32 (Phoenix 32) contact lenses is that they last for up to one year of wear, which brings ultimate convenience to the lens wearer with only daily cleaning and cleansing needed for optimal performance. By purchasing and wearing SA 32 contact lenses, you won’t have to worry about remembering a replacement schedule; simply wear for an entire year and replace you lenses when a year is up. offers Phoenix SA 32 contact lenses at a better value than you’ll find anywhere online or in stores— guaranteed. With hassle-free returns, 100% money-back satisfaction, and quick shipping, you can’t go wrong with

Product Details

Manufacturer: Lagado Corp.
Lens type: Gas Permeable
Each box contains: 1 lenses, a 12-month supply
Water content: 0%
Availability: Made to order
Rebate: No
Cost per day: $0.08
Customer rating: 9.0/10
% Lens material: 100% wilofocon A

SA 32 (Phoenix 32) Reviews


I can ask for nothing more

No other contact lens has given me better sight than the SA 32 gas permeable contact lens. I have worn this contact lens for a couple of years and every lens that I get always gives me perfect 20-20 vision. There is never any blurriness in my sight. The lens is also very comfortable so there's not much else I could ask for!


SA 32 lenses are easy to care of and last forever

I love these contacts! The SA 32 rigid gas permeable contact lenses are so easy to care for and they last forever. They save me money because it seems like they never need replacing. It is really nice not having to buy contact lenses all of the time. They are super comfortable as well!

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