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Choose Quantity & Enter Prescription for Right and Left Eye
Prescription Information:
  • OD right eye
  • OS left eye
  • Brand name eg. Acuvue
  • BC / Base Curve a number between 8.0 and 10.0
  • DIA / Diameter a number between 13.0 and 15.0
  • Power / Sphere / Rx a number between -20 and +20
In Addition for astigmatic patients:
  • Cylinder a number between -4.00 and +4.00
  • Axis a number between 0 and 180
  • Cylinder and Axis are usually separated by a x
For Multifocal, Bifocal lenses or Presbyopia:

"Addition" or "add" is usually preceded by "+" or is listed as "low", "mid" or "high" depending on the lens manufacturer.

Quantity Base Curve Diameter Power
Right Eye (OD)
Left Eye (OS)
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O2 Optix Reviews

Rating: 10/10 - 20 reviews
136 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Benjamin
On: 8/28/2015

I love O2 Optix Contacts

Whatever is in O2 Optix lenses that keep my eyes moist, I love it! I've never had a contact lens that was able to keep my eyes this moist all day long.

127 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Erick
On: 8/21/2015

O2 Optix lenses are total comfort

My dad had told me that he wears and likes the O2 Optix lenses, so when I was in the need of a good contact, I bought theses. So far I really like them. They seem to be very comfortable!

127 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Teresa
On: 8/18/2015

goodbye dry eyes!

O2 Optix contacts do the seemingly impossible and are able to keep my eyes moist any hour of the day that I may be wearing them. It feels so nice not having to scratch at my dry eyes all day long!

129 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Mackensie
On: 8/14/2015

O2 Optix make my eyes feel better than ever

I mentioned O2 Optix lenses to my friend, and he had never heard of them. It is a shame, because these contacts are simply amazing. My eyes have never felt this good while wearing contacts.

131 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Sarah
On: 8/12/2015

O2 Optix lenses rock

I don't think that I'll ever try another contact after wearing O2 Optix lenses. They are easily the most comfortable contact lens I have ever worn, and it isn't even close.

148 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Jaunita
On: 6/2/2015

Very comfortable and high quality

The O2 optix Contact Lens is Awesome!! I can leave them in for 2 weeks without feeling dry

158 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Shane
On: 6/1/2015

Im a big fan of O2 Optix

I have worn 02 Optix Lenses for years and they are great quality! Received a great price!

173 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Carrie
On: 5/5/2015

very satisfied with these lenses

The best I've tried. Before O2 Optix contact lenses, I couldn't keep contacts in for very long. Now I can make it through the entire day without having to worry about dryness or pain.

201 people found the following review helpful:

O2 Optix

Written By: Donna
On: 1/7/2014

Great prices, great product!

I've been wearing 02 Optics for at least 6 years. Love these lenses, I wear them for about 12 hours a day. The eye Dr in my small town in Canada charges too much, why wouldn't I purchase the EXACT SAME LENSES for less? Love Lens.com!!! Thank you :)

O2 Optix

Written By: Lindsay
On: 7/10/2009

Glad I switched

I like these contacts. I've had them for about a year now, and I started using them after my optometrist told me I could take naps in them. I've never had a problem actually taking them out, and I have had that problem with other lenses.

O2 Optix

Written By: hummergirlH2SUT
On: 6/6/2008

Excellent Service

I've been wearing contacts for almost 2 years and my eyecare profesional started me on 02 Optics, so I have nothing to compare to. Based on other reviews, this brand seem to work for everyone. They are comfortable for long wear because they are breathable. Recommended for two weeks at a time, but I've worn them as long as a month with no problem. I would not advise anyone do this. Please follow your doctor's advice.

Lens.com provided excellent prompt service and I will order from them again, most certainly!

O2 Optix

Written By: Joy Bright
On: 3/10/2008

great clarity

I have worn every type of soft lens available for monvision and the O2 Optix contact lenses by far gives the clearest vision with the best comfort. I highly recommend these lenses.

O2 Optix

Written By: Anonymous
On: 12/31/2007


I've been wearing O2 Optix lens for 2 years; they are extremely comfortable and very easy to insert onto my cornea. They let my eyes breath. These are the best contact lenses and I sleep in them a lot because they are extended wear. I wake up in the morning and I have great vision. I don't know a better brand for a cheap price!!!!

O2 Optix

Written By: Morgan
On: 6/14/2007

02-0ptix - great lenses!!

I love these lenses!! Have been wearing 02-0ptix for 2 years now after trying 5 different contact lenses. They're super comfortable and not too expensive.

O2 Optix

Written By: sonya
On: 4/26/2007

best lens ever

I have been wearing the o2optix lens for about a week now, and it feels great.It is the best lens I have worn ever. 02 optix is the most comfortable lens to wear for a long period of time.

O2 Optix

Written By: TINA
On: 3/21/2007


02 contacts is the best contact lens I have ever worn. Just recently I needed new follow up exam and was told the lens was on limited availability. So they tried to put me in a new "better" lens. I could not get used to wearing "it". The fit was not at all the same, I could not focus with them. I told them it had to be O2 contacts. The only one that fits right and comfortable to wear. I LOVE them!

O2 Optix

Written By: Melissa
On: 3/10/2007

I love the Ciba Vision O2 Optix contacts

I love ciba vision o2 optix contacts. I've tried so many different kinds of contact lenses. My eyes are very tired at the end of the day, and ciba vision o2 optix are the most comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

O2 Optix

Written By: Lauren
On: 2/12/2007

I love Ciba O2 Optix lenses!

I love Ciba 02 Optix contact lenses! I can keep 02 Optix contacts on all day and still feel comfortable. I instantly felt a difference. Ciba O2 0ptix lenses are a very good quality contact lense, especially for those of us suffering from "dry" eye.

O2 Optix

Written By: Anonymous
On: 1/10/2007

O2 Optix contacts are the first that work for me

O2 Optix contacts are the ONLY lenses my eyes will tolerate and that's just fine by me because I LOVE them! O2 contacts were recommended to me because they let more air in and let my eyes breathe! O2 Optics are easy to put in, don't flip, and are so comfortable. I wear them 12 hours plus, some days much longer than that! I've tried a few other lenses since my husband is in the eyecare business and was using me as his guinea pig, but I couldn't tolerate the switch for even a day, since the other lenses felt gritty, very uncomfortable and cheap. In the past I have had minor papillary conjunctivitis and with the O2 0ptics lens the inflammation is practically nonexistent. O2 Optics are a wonderful lense!

O2 Optix

Written By: Jen
On: 12/29/2006

I love my 02 0ptix

I have been wearing 02 Optix contact lenses for 2 weeks now and they are the best contact ever. Thank you Lens.com for offering such a cheap price on the 020ptix contact lenses.

Product Information

One of the major remaining drawbacks in extended-wear contact lenses is the dry, irritated feeling that can occur after you have had the lenses in your eyes for an extended period of time. To combat these drawbacks, O2 Optix lenses were developed with silicone hydrogel technology, which is designed to allow your eyes better access to the oxygen in the air around you. In fact, these lenses allow up to five times more oxygen to filter through and come into contact with your eyes in comparison to similar lenses.

O2 Optix contacts provide you with all the comfort of a soft, disposable contact lens while still giving you the option to wear the lenses for extended periods of time.

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Material Content

67% Polymer (lotrafilcon B)

Water Content

33% H2O

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