Biomedics 55 Premier Asphere Biomedics 55 Premier Asphere Rx

Biomedics 55 Premier Asphere

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Choose Quantity & Enter Prescription for Right and Left Eye
Prescription Information:
  • OD right eye
  • OS left eye
  • Brand name eg. Acuvue
  • BC / Base Curve a number between 8.0 and 10.0
  • DIA / Diameter a number between 13.0 and 15.0
  • Power / Sphere / Rx a number between -20 and +20
In Addition for astigmatic patients:
  • Cylinder a number between -4.00 and +4.00
  • Axis a number between 0 and 180
  • Cylinder and Axis are usually separated by a x
For Multifocal, Bifocal lenses or Presbyopia:

"Addition" or "add" is usually preceded by "+" or is listed as "low", "mid" or "high" depending on the lens manufacturer.

Quantity Base Curve Diameter Power
Right Eye (OD)
Left Eye (OS)
Biomedics 55 Evolution Asphere

Same Contact Lenses. Different Boxes.

Biomedics 55 Premier Asphere and Biomedics 55 Evolution Asphere are the exact same contact lenses but the manufacturer puts them in different boxes. Your order may be fulfilled with Biomedics 55 Evolution Asphere contact lenses.

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Biomedics 55 Premier Asphere Reviews

Rating: 9.3/10 - 73 reviews

Written By: Channickaah Chamroeun
On: 11/25/2020

it was easy to wear

was sturdy and not thin

Written By: joyce major
On: 11/23/2020


They seem to hurt my eyes. I am not using them.

Written By: Dylan Streicher
On: 11/20/2020

good service

Great service thanks

Written By: Fady Jaawan
On: 11/20/2020

I will order again.

The price is good. The service is perfect.
I like the lenses and I will order again.

Written By: dawn mackay
On: 11/10/2020

It takes too long to get my lens.

It seems every time I order the lens they are out of stock. Being that this RX is popular I am assuming, maybe try to keep more in stock.

4 people found the following review helpful:

Written By: Angela Rager
On: 11/6/2020

Love these contacts

Great fit

Written By: Anonymous
On: 9/11/2020

Comfortable Fit

Contacts are comfortable and stay moist/hydrated when handled according to user directions.

Written By: Howard Stirgus
On: 9/10/2020

The price

I purchased these for my son whom was out of town. The product arrived as promise and the price was amazing. I will definitely be ordering again.

Written By: Jessica Weilminster
On: 9/7/2020


I like these contacts, they are a little on the dryer side though. I'm hoping it my allergies and not the contacts

Written By: Karyl Green
On: 9/1/2020

They tear very easily.

I like this product, however they tear very easily, which I don't like.

Product Information

Contact lenses have come a long way since their humble, often uncomfortable beginnings. The quality of the materials used and the advancements in technology and design have led to a new era of contact lenses that provide lasting comfort and maintain eye health at the same time. Unfortunately, sometimes improvement comes at a cost. Many of todayís disposable lenses arenít exactly budget friendly, but why should you have to compromise your eye health to save money? The people at CooperVision believe you shouldnít, which is why theyíve created Biomedics contact lenses. Biomedics 55 Premier contacts are widely available, but you may not recognize the name, as theyíre often sold as the store brand lenses at many retailers across the country. Despite their relative anonymity, Biomedics 55 Premier have a lot of great features at an amazingly low price point.

One of the most notable features of Biomedics 55 is that they are aspheric lenses. If you havenít heard of aspheric lenses, the concept is pretty easy to understand. Regular contact lenses have an even, spherical curve over the entire lens. With aspheric lenses, the curve is varied over the lens, causing the light coming into the eye to focus more precisely on the retina. The idea is that the sharper focus should provide clearer vision compared to when light is focused in a general area. You donít have to sacrifice comfort or convenience when you save on contact lenses. Biomedics 55 contacts have a special rounded edge that helps make these lenses incredibly comfortable. Biomedics 55 Premier lenses also have a 55 percent water content, keeping your eyes moist all day.

Biomedics 55 contact lenses are 1-2 week disposable contact lenses, which means they can be worn daily for up to 14 days. However, they should be removed and sanitized each night and reinserted in the morning. After 2 weeks, they should be discarded and replaced with a brand new pair of contact lenses. Using a shorter replacement schedule helps keep eyes fresh, clear, and healthy as there is little time for build-up and allergens to accumulate and irritate eyes. For current contact lens wearers who experience irritation and discomfort, Biomedics 55 may be the alternative youíve been looking for.

Whether the cost of your usual disposable lenses is getting you down or you just want to try an effective contact lens at a great price point, then Biomedics 55 contacts are an optimal choice. Of course, when you shop with you can save even more money. We actively stay on top of competitorsí prices so that we can be sure we are offering the best value around to our valued customers. With hassle-free returns, 100% money-back satisfaction, and quick shipping, you canít go wrong with purchasing your contact lenses from

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This item normally ships within 2-4 business days.

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Material Content

45% Polymer (ocufilcon D)

Water Content

55% H2O