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Boston XO

Boston XO

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Boston XO Contact Lenses 1 vial - 1 lens - 12 month supply

Boston XO
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Boston XO Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: Polymer Technology
Lens type: Gas Permeable
Each box contains: 1 lenses, a 12-month supply
Water Content: 0%
Material type: RGP
Oxygen transmissibility: 100 Dk/t
Can be worn overnight?: No
Recommended wearing time: Daily
Replacement schedule: Annually
Availability: Made to order
Cost per day: $0.08
Customer rating: 9.2/10
Visibility tinted: Yes
Blocks UV: Yes
Includes wetting agent: No
Special features: High oxygen delivery Stability equaling that of lower Dk materials
% Lens Material: 100% hexafocon A
Disinfection Method: Multi-Purpose solution
Center thickness at -3.00D: 0.65 mm
Lens Colors: Blue, Ice Blue, Green, Violet

Product Information

Boston XO contact lenses are rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses manufactured with technology by trusted eye care brand, Bausch + Lomb. Unlike soft lenses, RGP lenses like Boston XO lack water, which makes them more resistant to protein and deposit buildup. Boston XO contacts are made in a wide range of parameters and can be custom-made to perfectly fit your eyes.

Features & Benefits

Boston XO contacts are RGP lenses that can be worn daily for up to a year. To ensure the durability of these contacts, remove, clean, and disinfect them nightly.

Unlike soft lenses that take a one-size-fits-all approach, RGP lenses are made to order. As such, each Boston XO lens comfortably fits the natural shape of your eye. When lenses fit properly, they’re less likely to shift and cause vision disturbances.

Because Boston XO contacts are made for each patient, these lenses can address all kinds of refractive errors, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (blurred near vision), and astigmatism (blurred near and distance vision).

Boston XO contacts are also more resistant to deposit buildup than their soft lens counterparts because they’re made of hexafocon A, a fluorosilicone acrylate material with a