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About Polymer Technology Contacts

The Polymer Technology Corporation stands on a foundation of excellence in the advancement of lens technology. The premier pioneer in gas permeable lens technology, Polymer Technology Corporation continually strives to produce lenses that mimic the natural conditions of the eye, protecting ocular health and maximizing visual acuity.

Polymer Technology Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.1/10 - 294 reviews

Boston EO

Gas Permeable

Ordered two left lenses. Put the new lt contact in and had lots of irritation. Upon cleanses then found there were two contacts stuck together. So i actually got 3 left contacts.

Boston ES

Gas Permeable

I have worn these lenses for years and never had any issues. Vision is clear and crisp. I get about 8hrs wear time sometimes longer depending on weather.

Boston II

Gas Permeable

The Boston II lenses are very comfortable and fit well. I am very pleased with the product This is my first time ordering contacts online and it worked great.

Boston IV

Gas Permeable

Same lenses as Optician prescribed for a third of cost!

Boston XO

Gas Permeable

Ultra fast service, unbeatable prices. Cheaper than the U.K. I will always choose Simply the best.

Boston Equalens

Gas Permeable

I have been wearing Boston Equalens for many many years with no problems. They are the most comfortable lens and I wear them all day, every day. A couple of times during emergency travel I have worn the lens well into the night with no problem. Before Equalens, the other lens I tried were either too dry, too thin and sharp, or uncomfortable to w...

Boston Equalens II

Gas Permeable

I switched to the Boston Equalens II a couple of years ago from disposable lenses and the quality isn't even comparable. I was really missing out by wearing disposable lenses for so long. I get such better comfort with the Boston Equalens II than with any other disposable contact lens. The sight is superior as well because the lens is custom mad...

Boston XO2

Gas Permeable

I had RGP lenses from for a couple of days, having submitted my prescription details. They are comfortable, clear and they arrived within the expected timeframe. I would buy from them again.