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Novelty, Special Effect, FX, Theatrical & Halloween Contact Lenses

Novelty, Special Effect, FX, Theatrical & Halloween Contact Lenses Contact Lenses
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Halloween Contact Lenses are here! Our top-tier novelty contact lenses add the perfect touch to all those great ghost and goblin costumes. We offer unmatched cost savings for FDA approved costume lenses and standard contact lenses. And that's not all! Our lenses are the same type of special effect contacts used in Hollywood movies by your favorite movie stars. When it comes to your eyes, don't take chances. Only novelty lenses that are FDA approved are safe. And if you aren't sure which what you want to be for Halloween, we've got some awesome Halloween Costume ideas for you!

Anime & Fantasy Contact Lenses

Circle, Disney, monster eyes can now be yours! Or is Manga anime more your speed? Either way, we have the special effect lenses for you. We also have mysterious, cool, and magical themed FX contact lenses for the guys based on your favorite male characters. For adorable dolly eyes, check out our collection of novelty contacts for big-eyed beauties.

Fun Lenses Contact Lenses

Ready to rock and roll? Theatrical contact lenses aren't just for scaring people. We also have a great collection of fun, cool, and quirky FX lenses. Stake your claim as the craziest contact in your crew with new special effect contact lenses!

Inspired By The Movies Contact Lenses

Sure, the days of dress-up are mostly over... or are they? Movie fans can now play the roles of their favorite characters in every detail - right down to the eyes with special effect contact lenses. Who do you feel like today?-We have The Crow, Spiderman, The Exorcist, even Vampire lenses. We sell all the theatrical contacts to match your movie moods!