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Jun-On Contact Lenses 1 box - 1 pack / lenses - 12 month supply

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$219.99 Lowest price /box

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Jun-On Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: Novelty Mfg
Lens type: Novelty Lenses
Each box contains: 1 lenses, a 12-month supply
Water Content: 0%
Availability: Made to order, 2-4 week delivery
Made to Order Policy: Final Sale (No Cancellations, Refunds, or Exchanges)
Cost per day: $0.61
Customer rating: 8.0/10
% Lens Material: 100% Custom Theatrical
Diameters: 22.0 mm
Base curves: 9.0 mm
Sphere powers: -6.00D, -5.75D, -5.50D, -5.25D, -5.00D, -4.75D, -4.50D, -4.25D, -4.00D, -3.75D, -3.50D, -3.25D, -3.00D, -2.75D, -2.50D, -2.25D, -2.00D, -1.75D, -1.50D, -1.25D, -1.00D, -0.75D, -0.50D, -0.25D, +0.00D, +0.25D, +0.50D, +0.75D, +1.00D, +1.25D, +1.50D, +1.75D, +2.00D, +2.25D, +2.50D, +2.75D, +3.00D, +3.25D, +3.50D, +3.75D, +4.00D

Product Information

Inspired by the popular video game Final Fantasy VII, Jun-On contact lenses feature one of the creepiest designs on the market to freak out your friends and capture the dark, surreal aura of the military installation of this game. The lens design covers the entire sclera in a blood-red hue, with black detailing surrounding the pupils to give off a charred effect. This striking quality makes the lenses ideal for Halloween parties, cosplay, conventions and movie productions, or just for livening up your look with a freaky accessory.

To promote superior stability, Jun-On contact lenses are composed of 62 percent polymacon, an advanced polymer material that naturally adapts to the shape of your eyes. Its gel-like form ensures a fit that lasts all day, while promoting greater comfort throughout wear. The remaining 38 percent of the lenses are composed of water to keep eyes hydrated and healthy.

Jun-On contact lenses are built to last for up to one year of occasional wear, which means you can become your favorite fantasy character at virtually any event within this period. Eye care professionals recommend cleaning and storing the lenses after each use to ensure optimum comfort and performance.

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