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Clariti Contact Lenses

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Clariti 1-Day
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Clariti 1-Day
Clariti 1-Day Toric
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Clariti 1-Day Toric

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Clariti Brand Products 8 Boxes
Clariti 1-Day $290
Clariti 1-Day Multifocal $160
Clariti 1-Day Toric $180

About Clariti Contacts has been providing customers with Clariti 1 Day, and other contact lenses at discounted prices for more than 20 years. Order Clariti 1 Day from today and enjoy fast shipping, excellent customer service, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

About Clariti Contact Lenses

CooperVision, one of the world’s leading contact lens manufacturers, released Clariti 1 Day contacts in 2009. The first net plastic neutral contact lens brand in the United States, Clariti 1 Day contacts allowed eco-conscious consumers to feel better about using daily disposable lenses.

In 2014, CooperVision released Clariti 1 Day Multifocal contacts, which were one of the world’s first multifocal one-day lenses made of silicone hydrogel at the time. As silicone hydrogel lenses, Clariti 1 Day Multifocal contacts allowed more oxygen to reach the eye than traditional hydrogel lenses.

In 2015, CooperVision released Clariti 1 Day Toric contacts for lens wearers with astigmatism. These toric lenses combined high oxygen transmission, high water content, and a low modulus for all-day comfort. They also featured optimized ballast toric design to ensure a stable, comfortable fit.

Why choose Clariti?

As daily disposable lenses, Clariti 1 Day contacts allow wearers to enjoy that fresh lens feeling every day. That’s because they’re less prone to deposit buildup that can otherwise irritate the eyes.

Another major benefit of Clariti 1 Day contacts is their aspheric optics lens design. This design is thought to reduce spherical aberration — a specific type of optical aberration marked by poor image quality — by creating a wider field of view and giving the wearer better peripheral vision.

Clariti 1 Day contacts also feature CooperVision’s exclusive AquaGen™ Technology, a non-surface treatment technology that attracts and binds water molecules throughout the lens. This is combined with 56% water content to ensure a comfortable lens-wearing experience. Adding to the comfort level of Clariti 1 Day contacts is the fact that they’re made of a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material that allows plenty of oxygen to reach the eyes — oxygen our eyes need to stay moist and healthy.

Additionally, Clariti 1 Day contacts have built-in UV protection, making them a great choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors.

What do customers love about Clariti contacts?

All three Clariti 1 Day contacts have overwhelmingly positive reviews on Here’s what customers have to say about these lenses:

  • Comfortable - Customers love that Clariti 1 Day contacts feel like nothing on the eye.
  • Good for dry eyes - Customers with dry eyes report that Clariti 1 Day contacts stay moist from insertion to removal.
  • Easy to put in - Customers love that Clariti 1 Day contacts are very easy to put in, even for beginners.
  • Clear vision - Customers who purchased Clariti 1 Day Multifocal and Clariti 1 Day Toric find that both contacts deliver clear, precision vision.


Clariti Contacts Compared

Contact Lens Attribute

Clariti 1 Day (90PK)

Clariti 1 Day Multifocal (30PK)

Clariti 1 Day Toric (30PK)

Lens design




Water content




Material type

Silicone hydrogel

Silicone hydrogel

Silicone hydrogel

Release date




Cost per day

$0.32 (lowest price on

$0.96 (lowest price on

$0.76 (lowest price on rating




Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clariti a good contact lens?

Clariti contacts are made by CooperVision, the same maker as the ultra popular Biofinity line of contacts. Expertise in production and development have been adapted to a daily disposable lens, instead of the monthly lens that Biofinity contacts are. If you're seeking the convenience of a daily lens, with the reliability and affordability that all CooperVision lenses are known for, then Clariti lenses are an excellent choice.

Do Clariti contacts have UV protection?

Clariti contact lenses include a UVA and UVB blocker, and they are rated as Class 2 in UV protection (50% UVA, 95% UVB).

What are the health benefits of Clariti contact lenses?

The biggest benefit to eye health that Clariti lenses promote comes from their silicone hydrogel construction. Because silicone hydrogel lens material allows more oxygen to pass through to the cornea than hydrogel, wearers will typically appreciate the benefits of whiter eyes and a healthier lens-wearing experience. In addition, Clariti lenses include technologies to attract and retain moisture within the lens matrix so your eyes can stay moist and comfortable throughout the day.

How long do Clariti contacts last?
Clariti lenses are daily disposable contacts that can be worn for around 16 hours, after which they should be disposed of and replaced with a fresh set.
What brand is Clariti contacts?
Clariti is a daily disposable contact lens brand by CooperVision.
Can you sleep in Clariti contacts?
No, you cannot sleep in daily disposable lenses. Make sure you replace your Clariti lenses every day with a fresh pair.
Can you shower with Clariti contacts?
No, please avoid showering with your Clariti lenses.

Clariti Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.5/10 - 92 reviews

Clariti 1-Day

Daily Disposable

Great experience buying my lenses with Lens, super fast delivery and great service via email. I will definitely buy more often.

Clariti 1-Day Multifocal

Daily Disposable

Great customer service

Clariti 1-Day Toric

Daily Disposable

Great price, fast service!