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About CooperVision Contacts

About CooperVision Contacts

With over three decades of experience in vision care, Cooper Vision continues to push the boundaries in technical excellence and contact lens innovation. Founded in 1980, Cooper Vision is the soft contact lens manufacturing business division of The Cooper Companies, Inc. which is a multinational medical specialties company headquartered in Pleasanton, California. With major distribution centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Belgium, Cooper Vision is one of the world's leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and serves over 100 countries throughout the world. With the acquisition of Ocular Sciences, Inc., CooperVision is currently the third largest soft contact lens manufacturer in the world.

Dedicated to achieving more than just vision correction, CooperVision aims to provide consistent quality, comfort, and convenience for contact lens wearers of all lifestyles. Whether you're a frequent contact lens wearer or the occasional contact lens wearer, CooperVision contacts will improve your vision without sacrificing comfort. Cooper Vision manufactures quality contact lenses for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and more. Get FREE shipping on select Coopervision contacts. From single-vision aspheric lenses to advanced bifocal and toric lenses, there are CooperVision contact lenses fit for any prescription.

With CooperVision's Proclear family of contact lenses, you can enjoy 12 hours or more of 96% hydration. Proclear contacts are the only contact lens cleared by the FDA for the claim, ďmay provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.Ē CooperVision's Biofinity family of contact lenses are approved for up to six nights and seven days of extended wear, and the Avaira family are perfect for those who are new to wearing contact lenses or are dissatisfied with their current brand. Biofinity and Avaira contact lenses utilize CooperVisionís Aquaform Technology which provides a naturally moisturizing material that establishes hydrogen bonds with water molecules, effectively reducing the need for wetting agents. This technology also enables Biofinity and Avaira contacts to be softer and more flexible than many silicone hydrogel lenses available on the market.

Made from a unique material that attracts and binds water within the lens itself, CooperVision contacts remain moist and comfortable, even with extended wear. For additional comfort, CooperVision's balanced progressive technology allows for clear vision up close, at medium distances, and far away. No matter your vision problem, thereís a CooperVision contact lens that can provide the perfect solution.

Since 1995, Lens.com has been proud to offer high-quality contact lenses at discount prices. Order CooperVision contact lenses from Lens.com and enjoy hassle-free returns, quick shipping, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CooperVision contacts good?
Judging by market share, which is driven by popularity amongst wearers and ECPís recommendations, Coopervision is amongst only 4 or 5 manufacturers that make up the majority of the global contact lens market. Their Biofinity line is a particularly popular option amongst wearers looking for comfort and value in a monthly disposable lens. Some of their other brands are trusted as a private label brand amongst established retailers. For these and other reasons, CooperVision contacts are certainly a solid option.
What contact lenses does CooperVision make?
CooperVision manufactures the Biofinity line of contacts, along with the Proclear, Avaira, Biomedics, and MyDay family of contact lenses.
Can you sleep in CooperVision contacts?
Yes, you can sleep in CooperVision contacts, specifically their Biofinity line of lenses. Biofinity contacts are FDA-approved for extended wear, meaning that with guidance from your ECP, they can be worn overnight for up to 6 nights and 7 days.
Who owns CooperVision?
CooperVisionís parent company is CooperCompanies, founded in 1958, and is a NYSE publicly traded company boasting 12,000 employees.

CooperVision Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.2/10 - 2700 reviews

Proclear Compatibles

Monthly Disposable

I like the product a lot and their professionalism. They are very reliable and fast!

Biomedics 38 (UltraFlex 38)

1-2 Week Disposable

Great Lenses - shipping on time.

Biomedics 55 (UltraFlex 55)

1-2 Week Disposable

Great price beat all in store prices in town. I will continue to use lens.com thank you

Biomedics Toric

Toric Lenses

Ordered a Ďrare lensí product that wasnít in stock; maintained good communications with me and expedited my delivery to best meet my needs; Will use them again & recommend for you

Encore Sphere (Vertex Sphere)

1-2 Week Disposable

After years of wearing contacts, I am so happy to find a lens that works for my busy lifestyle. These Encore Sphere contact lenses keep my eyes comfortable and hydrated even on my busiest days! I highly recommend these lenses.

Expressions Colors

Color Disposable

The contacts are very comfortable and reliable, and the company discontinued expressions, I donít know what to do, I have been wearing this brand for over 20 years, so disappointing

Frequency 55 Aspheric

Monthly Disposable

Fits perfectly. Very comfortable. Works great.

Frequency 55 Toric

Toric Lenses

I am very happy with my purchase of these Frequency 55 Toric contact lenses! In addition to giving me crisp, sharp vision, they are also super comfortable and very convenient!

Vertex Sphere (Encore Sphere)

1-2 Week Disposable

Even in the driest conditions these Vertex Sphere contact lenses leave my eyes moisturized and comfortable! I don't even need my eye drops when I wear these. I will be re-purchasing!

Proclear Toric

Toric Lenses

Once we found Proclear Toric lenses, they were the answer for my daughter's needs! She has astigmatism and other correction, and an unusual eye shape, so she wasn't able to wear contacts comfortably until we found these. Highly Recommend!

Biomedics 55 Premier Asphere

1-2 Week Disposable

Retrain moisture well. I wear one pair for 2 weeks on the advice of my optometrist. Great for the price!!!

Proclear Multifocal

Bifocal Lenses

Lense.com has courteous, knowledgeable customer service, affordable pricing and prompt service. Above all a human answers the phone quickly, instead of a computer. Thanks Lens.com
Wearing contact doesn't get any more hassle-free than wearing the ClearSight 1 Day daily disposable contact lenses. The contacts are such a great fit and are so comfortable that you never have to think about them. There is nothing more convenient than not having to clean your contacts either, I just throw them away at the end of the day. You hav...

Biomedics XC

1-2 Week Disposable

Love these lenses and love using lens.com for my purchases. Ordering is quick and easy and fast shipment.
Great value - easy to order - speedy delivery.

Proclear 1 Day

Daily Disposable

I ordered these contacts from Lens.com because of the savings compared to other websites. I plan to return to Lens.com for all of my families needs. The savings are unbeatable!


Monthly Disposable

I forget I have them on. My eyes donít bother me like they did with other contacts.
Great lens. Comfortable and looking lasting.

Biomedics EP (Proclear EP)

1-2 Week Disposable

Hassle free and prompt turn around time!
These Encore Premium lenses have all of the qualities that I look for in a contact lens! They keep my vision sharp and clear all day long, are extremely comfortable and last up to 30 days!

Biofinity Toric

Toric Lenses

I searched just about every website for my specific contacts and Lens.com was by far the cheapest. Great customer service and quick shipping. I highly recommend Lens.com for someone on a budget. I will definitely be ordering from them again A+++

Proclear EP (Biomedics EP)

1-2 Week Disposable

This is my first experience wearing contacts and the Proclear EPs are awesome! I'm nearing the dreaded 40 and right on time... I noticed a change in my vision. After wearing glasses for a few months and not enjoying it very much, I went back to my Dr. and inquired about contacts. We discussed several options and decided that these may be the bes...

Avaira Toric

Toric Lenses

Love avaira toric lenses. So sad they are discontinued. Avaira Vitality not the same...i find those uncomfortable.

Biofinity Multifocal

Bifocal Lenses

I always check the prices before ordering, is it cheaper here... or there... and lens.com has always had the best price and has better rebates!
Kept informed on order status, received shipment on time, competitive pricing.....

Clariti 1-Day 90PK

Daily Disposable

I find these disposable lenses to be more comfortable than Biofinity monthly contact lenses. Additionally, I love the option of taking these out anywhere and throwing them away. It gives me the convenience of switching to my glasses if my eyes get too dry from the wind. Service at Lens.com was easy.
Great customer service

Clariti 1-Day Toric 30PK

Daily Disposable

Great brand to have been a loyal customer

MyDay Daily Disposable 90PK

Daily Disposable

Love the MyDay Daily. Could never go back to any other lens. The lens are light and I cannot tell that I am even wearing contacts.

Avaira Vitality

1-2 Week Disposable

These replaced the old avaira kind, excellent, comfortable, great customer service and quick shipping and you canít beat the price! Been buying my contacts here for years.

Biofinity Energys

Monthly Disposable

comfortable, affordable, and fast delivery. Everything you need!

Biomedics 55 Evolution Asphere

1-2 Week Disposable

Great price and great shipping!!

Avaira Vitality Toric

Toric Lenses

I've been using these for years. Consistent quality product and reliable, prompt delivery at reasonable price