Avaira Contact Lenses

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Avaira Contact Lenses

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Product Information

Since Avaira contacts combine advanced technology with comfortable design, they’re a great choice for contact lenses everywhere. Each Avaira contact lens manufactured by CooperVision features a combination of unique material technologies that allow your eyes to breathe and stay moist naturally for continuous comfort throughout the day and the life of the lens. Manufactured of silicone hydrogel, a material that’s known to retain water within the lens, you won’t need eye drops or other wetting agents while wearing Avaira contacts.

Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or need contacts for astigmatism, CooperVision Avaira contact lenses offer you the freedom you’re looking for. In a public survey, 80% of Avaira contact lens wearers admitted that they wear Avaira contacts for over fourteen hours a day. If your current brand of contact lenses become dry, brittle, or uncomfortable after only a few hours of wear, talk to your eye care professional today about making the switch to Avaira lenses. Known for their unique Aquaform Science Technology, CooperVision Avaira lenses are among the most comfortable contact lenses available anywhere online or in stores.

If you’re concerned about being exposed to harmful UV rays, each Avaira contact lens helps block your eyes from harm. Although UV-blocking lenses help protect your eyes from UV rays, it should be noted that they aren’t a substitute for protective UV-absorbing eyewear. Since contact lenses don’t completely cover the eye and the surrounding area, it’s recommended that patients continue to use UV-absorbing eyewear as directed.

With a convenient two-week replacement schedule, remembering when to replace your Avaira contact lenses is easy. Simply remove the lenses and clean and sanitize them each night for two weeks. After two weeks of wear, discard and replace with a fresh set of Avaira lenses. Although this is the replacement schedule recommended by the manufacturer, be sure to follow your prescribing eye care provider’s replacement instructions if they differ from the manufacturers.

If you’ve been unhappy with the comfort of your current lenses or have never worn contacts before, try CooperVision’s Avaira lenses. Since CooperVision Avaira lenses are 1-2 week disposable contact lenses they come in packs with six lenses per box. If you purchase a 6 pack of Avaira contacts from Lens.com, you’ll enjoy cheap contact lenses and fast shipping. Since Lens.com sells Avaira lenses at the guaranteed lowest price allowed by the manufacturer, you won’t find Avaira contacts online or in stores at a cheaper price – guaranteed!

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Price Comparison

Our Lowest Price: $29.99
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Manufacturer: CooperVision
Material Content:

54% Polymer ( enfilcon A )

Water Content:

46% H2O

Avaira Reviews


Very good lenses

I just got a trial of these Avaira lenses because I heard they are good for people with sensitive eyes. Well, I just put them in today, and right when I put them in I could tell the difference. I couldn't feel them at all. It was like they just disapeared in my eye. They are soooo thin to, they just form right to your eye and you can't even see them on your eye. I would recommend the Avaira contact lenses for anyone who works in a dry office and works at a computer all day. I'll put another reivew up at the end of the day, and let you know how they felt after 8 hours.

Beth C

Only contact that worked for me

I have tried several types of contact lenses, and Aviara contact lenses are the only ones that I have found comfortable and MOIST. I was given the Avaira contacts to compare against a more expensive brand for two weeks, and these were far more comfortable and did not make my eyes feel dry and itchy. Love them.

Beth C
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