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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Boston contact lenses?

Boston contacts are made by Bausch + Lomb, makers of the Biotrue, PureVision, and ULTRA line of contacts.

Are Boston contact lenses worth buying?

Boston is a market leader in RGP contacts, and these contacts provide exceptional contact lens materials, as well as peace of mind-so you know you're getting the best in vision care. If you're an individual that prefers or must use gas permeable lenses, Boston lenses are worth the cost and your consideration.

What material is used by Boston contact lenses?

GP lenses are made of firm plastic materials (silicone containing compounds) and can provide crisp vision for a range of irregular cornea shapes, as they don't bend as do soft lenses.

Boston Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9/10 - 203 reviews

Boston EO

Gas Permeable

Good customer service, surprisingly quick delivery to Thailand with tracking, product arrived as ordered.

Boston ES

Gas Permeable

I have worn these lenses for years and never had any issues. Vision is clear and crisp. I get about 8hrs wear time sometimes longer depending on weather.

Boston II

Gas Permeable

Good lens, Great fit, immediately comfortable Would purchase from again

Boston IV

Gas Permeable

I liked the product and timeliness

Boston XO

Gas Permeable

Ultra fast service, unbeatable prices. Cheaper than the U.K. I will always choose Simply the best.

Boston Equalens

Gas Permeable

The easy ordering, fast delivery. The lens arrived several days prior to the estimated delivery date.

Boston Equalens II

Gas Permeable

I switched to the Boston Equalens II a couple of years ago from disposable lenses and the quality isn't even comparable. I was really missing out by wearing disposable lenses for so long. I get such better comfort with the Boston Equalens II than with any other disposable contact lens. The sight is superior as well because the lens is custom mad...

Boston XO2

Gas Permeable

I have worn these lens for 40+ Years. Of course I recommend them highly if you wear gas permeable lens.