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How Our Online Vision Exam Works for Contacts & Glasses

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Step 1:

Patient Eligibility

Step 1:

Patient Eligibility

Most people are eligible. It only takes a minute or so.

Step 2:

Enter Your Prescription

Step 2:

Enter Your Prescription

Enter your parameters from your box or your old RX.

Step 3:

Vision Test

Step 3:

Vision Test

All you need is your contact lenses (or eyeglasses), your computer, a smartphone and 10 feet of space.

Step 4:

Ophthalmologist Review

Step 4:

Ophthalmologist Review

Our Board Certified Ophthalmologist will review the results of your test and renew your prescription. They may even offer you an alternative brand for you to try!

Online prescription renewal from the comfort of your home. Only 5 Minutes & $30 $9.99

Start My Online Vision Exam

It's Safe, Accurate & Easy

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Diane D.
The test was easy, accurate & fun. Oh & much more convenient than visiting the eye doctor! Thanks!
Kathy P.
It is almost impossible to get an appointment at my eye doctor any more. This was so convenient and it didn't cost as much!
Even M.
Quick, clear, simple, easy, and saved me from dropping a lot of money for an unneeded optometrist visit!
The test was easy, accurate & fun. Oh & much more convenient than visiting the eye doctor! Thanks!
Diane D.
It is almost impossible to get an appointment at my eye doctor any more. This was so convenient and it didn't cost as much!
Kathy P.
Quick, clear, simple, easy, and saved me from dropping a lot of money for an unneeded optometrist visit!
Even M.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your Vision Test purchase, we'll make it right or refund the cost of our services.

Vision Exam FAQs
Do online vision exams really work?

Yes! The online vision exam we use has been authorized for use by the FDA. For added peace of mind, we use board-certified ophthalmologists, in your state, to conduct all examinations and issue all prescriptions based on their independent clinical judgment. The online vision test will not replace an in-person comprehensive eye examination. It will allow you to renew an existing prescription as long as you're happy with your vision correction.

How does the vision test work?

The vision test is an accessible, affordable online test that provides a prescription for glasses or contacts. We do it in 4 easy steps:
1. We confirm you are able to take the test.
2. You take the test using your smartphone and computer screen. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.
3. A board-certified ophthalmologist reviews your test data, medical history, prior prescription, and then issues your prescription renewal or provides other clinical guidance. Usuall within 24 hours.
4. Receive your new prescription. We will notify you when the ophthalmologist has approved your prescription or provided other clinical guidance. You can then log in to your secure account and use the prescription to buy contact lenses or eyeglasses. Let the shopping begin!

Does the vision test examine my eye health?

Our online vision test is not a replacement for a comprehensive eye health examination. A licensed Ophthalmologist uses on-line technology to evaluate your visual acuity and a portion of your ocular health profile and issue a prescription for corrective eyewear, where clinically appropriate.

If your eyes are healthy and vision is good, you should have a complete exam by your ophthalmologist once in your 20s and twice in your 30s, according to the American Academy of Opthalmologists.

Why does it matter what state I take the exam in?

Different states regulate healthcare technology in different ways, so how we deliver services to you will depend on which state you're in. Our service and standard of practice are consistent with all applicable federal and state rules & regulations in states that we practice in.

Can anyone take the online vision test?

While we'd love to have everyone participate, unfortunately there are some restrictions. You must be between 18 and 55 years of age. If you have any health conditions such as diabetes or glaucoma, it's best to see an eye doctor in person. Lastly some states have been lobbied very hard by the competition, the optometrists, and they don't allow this safe, proven method for contact and eyeglass prescription renewal. Just start the test to see if your state is one that allows the test, we're currently at 34 states and climbing.

Do I need a previous prescription to take the online eye exam?

We require a previous prescription for all patients seeking an updated prescription. The ophthalmologist needs to get a better understanding of your vision history to provide you with the most accurate and comfortable prescription possible. First-time contact lens wearers require an in-person contact lens fitting with an eye care professional to ensure proper fit of the contact lenses.

What is the review process for my prescription?

Once you complete the vision test, we send your results to a board-certified ophthalmologist located in the state in which you took the test. The ophthalmologist will thoroughly review your medical history, pre-existing conditions, prior prescription, and test results before issuing your prescription or other medical guidance.

What is your refund policy?

You will get a prescription you love or your money back, guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with how you see using your glasses or contacts purchased with your new prescription, let us know, and we will make it right or issue a full refund. Refund requests must be made within 30 days of receiving your prescription.

How often do you need to take a vision exam online?

Online vision exams are designed to help contact lens and glasses wearers with prescription renewals. As such, online vision tests should be taken when your prescription expires and when you need to purchase prescription glasses or contacts. This time interval does vary by individual and even the state in which they reside, but typically this is once every 1 to 2 years. So apart from more comprehensive in-person eye exams, you can rely on online vision tests once every 1 to 2 years to renew an existing prescription.

Where can I use my new prescription?

You can use it anywhere in the United States! Your prescription will be signed by a board-certified ophthalmologist licensed to practice in the state where you live so it will be valid anywhere that sells contact lenses.

What method of payments are accepted?
We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express (including cards that have FSA/HSA funds on them). If you have vision insurance, you can submit a claim to your vision insurance for the cost of our vision test. Many vision insurances will reimburse the cost; however, we cannot guarantee reimbursement.
When do I pay for my test?
You enter your payment information after you qualify to take the test. However, you will not be charged unless your new prescription is issued to you by a board-certified ophthalmologist. You will not be charged if for some reason a prescription cannot be issued.
How do you ensure the security and safety of my test and medical information?
Your information is secure. There is nothing more personal than your health information. Thatís why we take great care to safeguard your information. Our HIPAA compliant platform uses the same data encryption used by major banks and every Support Team member has been HIPAA trained to ensure patient information remains private and secure.
Do I need a webcam to take an online eye exam?
No, all you need to complete our vision test is a smartphone, a computer (laptop or desktop), a broadband internet connection and 10 feet of walking space.
What if I have to stop the test while in the middle of it?
You can restart from the beginning of the vision test at any time. If you need to stop, simply exit your browser and come back whenever you are ready to take your test. There will be a link on your order detail page and your order confirmation email. Simply click on the link to resume your test.
How often should I renew my contact lens prescription?
The general guideline is for a prescription to be renewed every year or two, depending on your state's regulations. Our service is not a replacement for a comprehensive eye health exam.
How do I access my prescription after taking the online test?

After our ophthalmologist issues the prescription, you will receive an email notification saying it's ready with a link to sign in to your account and access it. Simply follow the link in the email or go to and log into your account and go to "My Prescription". You can click 'download' or 'print' below your prescription.

What is an online eye exam? Why take a vision test online?
An online eye exam is designed to give wearers of contacts & eyeglasses an opportunity to renew their prescription from the convenience of your home or office, so you can continue buying glasses and contacts even after your most recent in-person eye examís prescription has expired. Therefor it requires the existence of a previous eye exam, that entailed a physical examination and a contact lens fitting (in the case of contacts). The benefits of taking this examination online are convenience, speed, and reduced cost over taking this in-person.