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Seducer Contact Lenses 1 box - 1 pack / lenses - 12 month supply

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$22.00 Lowest price /box

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Seducer Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: Novelty Mfg
Lens type: Novelty Lenses
Each box contains: 1 lenses, a 12-month supply
Water Content: 38%
Availability: In stock
Cost per day: $0.06
Customer rating: 8.0/10
% Lens Material: 62% polymacon
Diameters: 14.5 mm
Base curves: 8.6 mm
Sphere powers: +0.00D

Product Information

Get catty this Halloween with Seducer contact lenses, which add a feisty feline touch to any costume. The unique and artistic design of the lenses features vibrant lavender irises and a bright yellow burst of color around the pupil for a gorgeous contrasting effect. What adds the feline accent to Seducer contact lenses is the design of the pupil, which features an extended diamond shape that captures the devious, mysterious look of a cat's eyes. These special effects lenses are perfect for Halloween celebrations, movie productions, theatrical performances, costume parties, or just for adding some mischief to a dull night.

Seducer contact lenses are soft contact lenses made from 62 percent polymacon, which is an ultra-thin, flexible material that sits comfortably on the eyes throughout wear. A 38 percent water content also contributes to comfort by keeping eyes hydrated and healthy from day to night. Comfort meets vision quality in your Seducer contact lenses, which offer a customized design that fully corrects your visual problems, no matter how severe. With a one-year lifespan and proper cleaning and storing, you can wear your Seducer contacts beyond just the Halloween season, which will give you plenty of opportunities to show off your quirky and fun personality.

Seducer Reviews



These brought out the mean little kitty in me. Don't mess with me...seriously, these are great and don't feel like I'm wearing contacts


i think they look cool

i think their really cool i really would like a new pair :)

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