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Looking For Halloween Costume Ideas? Try Halloween Contact Lenses

Oh yeah, you're feeling it. You look like a superhero called to save the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Your slick cape, gigantic hair, and insane amount of Spandex are totally going to beat out all Lady Gaga attempts at this year's Halloween party. But as you admire yourself in the bathroom mirror, you notice something - it's still you under there. Discover how you can take your getup from a costume-covered ball of you to a brilliantly disguised alter ego. This interactive infographic walks you through the best use of one of the hottest Halloween costume idea trends - costume contact lenses. Whether you're going for shocking and scary or Hollywood- inspired, this can help you choose the best lenses for your look. You'll also find fun facts on Halloween history as well as prop suggestions for building the most impressive costume EVER around your favorite costume contact lenses.

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