Red Sclera Contact Lenses

Red Sclera
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Red Sclera Contact Lenses

1 pack - 12 month supply

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Product Information

With a custom design that covers your entire eyes, Red Sclera contact lenses truly live up to their name. These lenses feature a vibrant red shade that gives your eyes the frightening appearance of being covered in blood. This alarming look captures attention both near and far, so you can enhance a scary costume or freak out your friends at a social event. Because of the dramatic tone of Red Sclera contact lenses, they are well-suited for Halloween celebrations, movie productions, theatrical performances, costume parties and photo shoots, but can be used for adding excitement to virtually any occasion.

Made entirely of a soft polymer material, the lenses provide a customized fit that molds to the unique shape of your eyes from the moment you put them on. This advanced feature ensures maximum stability that provides a consistent appearance and outlook with no adjustments necessary. Because there is no water in their construction, Red Sclera contact lenses reduce the likelihood of deposit and debris build-up to keep you comfortable and irritant-free throughout wear.

A one-year lifespan offers plenty of opportunities for you to wear your Red Sclera contact lenses beyond just the Halloween season. Maintaining the lenses requires cleaning and storing after each use for ideal performance and comfort.

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Price Comparison

Our Lowest Price: $134.99
Retail Price: $187.00
Your Savings: $52.01
Manufacturer: Novelty Mfg
Material Content:

100% Polymer ( Custom Theatrical )

Water Content:

0% H2O

Red Sclera Reviews


Bleedingly Good

You would not believe what people said when they saw these on me. Someone almost called 911...I kid you not. These are wicked good!


I need costume suggestions for these now please :)

these scary contacts make it look like you are bleeding from the eyeeessss! even though they freaked me out a little bit they are going to be really cool when i wear them for my theater class productions and possibly for halloween too now???? suggestions on a cool outfit for these????

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