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Spidey has been discontinued by Novelty Mfg

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Written By: Dwayne

spider mannn wohoo

they look exactly like red spiderwebs in your eyes! you can actually function with them in too! sooo awesome.spider spider spider man ohh yeahh

Product Information

A perfect accessory for your Spiderman costume, Spidey contact lenses transform your eyes into alluring webs that capture the attention of everyone you see. The design features stunning bubble gum pink irises detailed with jet black spider webs surrounding your pupils. This image is accented with a vibrant red outline to add a striking touch to your look that stands out from the crowd. Because of the dramatic tone of Spidey contact lenses, they're a perfect fit for Halloween celebrations, theatrical performances, movie productions, costume parties and photo shoots, or just for getting in touch with your Spidey senses during an evening out.

Spidey contact lenses are made of 62 percent polymacon, a stable material that conforms to your eyes upon insertion. The remaining 38 percent of the lenses is made of water to keep eyes fully moist and to promote healthy hydration from day to night. Although the lenses are designed for occasional wear, they are built to last for up to one year. This extensive lifespan means you can show off your Spiderman fanaticism at several special events. Eye care professionals recommend cleaning and storing the lenses after each wear to ensure optimal performance.

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Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

Water Content

38% H2O

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