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Rating: 9/10 - 4 reviews

SA 18 (Phoenix 18)

Gas Permeable

I was tired of always having to buy contact lenses and spend so much money on them so I wanted to make a switch to a rigid gas permeable contact lens. I had heard mixed reviews of them from people but my eyes are pretty resilient. I tried out a few to no avail when finally I tried the SA 18 on. It was much more comfortable than the other ones....

SA 32 (Phoenix 32)

Gas Permeable

No other contact lens has given me better sight than the SA 32 gas permeable contact lens. I have worn this contact lens for a couple of years and every lens that I get always gives me perfect 20-20 vision. There is never any blurriness in my sight. The lens is also very comfortable so there's not much else I could ask for!