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IWear Oxygen Contact Lenses 1 box - 6 pack / lenses - 6 month supply

Store Brand
IWear Oxygen (Same as Biofinity)

Store brands are private label versions of national brands, they're the same lens with different packaging. We send you the national brand and save you money in the process.

National Brand
IWear Oxygen (Same as Biofinity)
Same Manufacturer.
Same Contacts.
Different Packaging.

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Reg: $31.24

$55.98 /box with taxes & fees
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IWear Oxygen (Same as Biofinity) Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: CooperVision
Lens type: Monthly Disposable
Each box contains: 6 lenses, a 6-month supply
Water Content: 48%
Availability: In stock
Cost per day: $0.18
Customer rating: 9.0/10
% Lens Material: 52% comfilcon A
Introduced: 2007 Still in production

Product Information

IWear Oxygen is a monthly disposable contact lens from CooperVision. IWear Oxygen - same as Biofinity. IWear Oxygen is sold under multiple names in a variety of stores, they are the same contact lens and all orders will be shipped as Biofinity, which is the original manufacturer for this lens.

Approved for six nights and seven days of extended wear, IWear Oxygen contacts won't slow down your busy days. With a premium level of comfort packed into these lenses, you can safely and comfortably wear these contact lenses for seven days in a row. Typically, traditional silicone contact lenses either provide a high water content with a stiffer lens, or a softer lens with lower moisture content. Fortunately, IWear Oxygen contacts can finally give contact lens wearers the best of both worlds. Not only do these lenses allow plenty of oxygen to reach your eyes, but the lens material is naturally wet and stays moist, soft, and resistant to both dehydration and deposits.

IWear Oxygen (