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Polysoft 55 Contact Lenses 1 box - 6 pack / lenses - 3 month supply

Store Brand
Polysoft 55 (Same as UltraFlex 55)

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National Brand
Polysoft 55 (Same as UltraFlex 55)
Same Manufacturer.
Same Contacts.
Different Packaging.

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Polysoft 55 (Same as UltraFlex 55) Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: CooperVision
Lens type: 1-2 Week Disposable
Each box contains: 6 lenses, a 3-month supply
Water Content: 55%
Availability: In stock
Cost per day: $0.17
Customer rating: 10.0/10
% Lens Material: 45% polymacon
Diameters: 14.2 mm
Base curves: 8.6 mm, 8.8 mm, 8.9 mm
Sphere powers: -10.00D, -9.50D, -9.00D, -8.50D, -8.00D, -7.50D, -7.00D, -6.50D, -6.00D, -5.75D, -5.50D, -5.25D, -5.00D, -4.75D, -4.50D, -4.25D, -4.00D, -3.75D, -3.50D, -3.25D, -3.00D, -2.75D, -2.50D, -2.25D, -2.00D, -1.75D, -1.50D, -1.25D, -1.00D, -0.75D, -0.50D, -0.25D, +0.25D, +0.50D, +0.75D, +1.00D, +1.25D, +1.50D, +1.75D, +2.00D, +2.25D, +2.50D, +2.75D, +3.00D, +3.25D, +3.50D, +3.75D, +4.00D, +4.25D, +4.50D, +4.75D, +5.00D, +5.50D, +6.00D

Product Information

Offering a comfortable, quality alternative to Biomedics 55 and Ultraflex 55, Polysoft 55 contact lenses by Ocular Sciences offer superior spherical aberration control for crystal clear vision. Spherical aberration is the effect produced by the lens' inability to focus light on a common point. Polysoft 55 contact lenses correct this problem and allow your eyes to fully focus light for crisp, sharp vision.

In addition to incredible visual performance, the lenses also promise a comfortable fit with a thinner, patented edge design. This construction eliminates irritation caused by constant interaction with the top lid, while providing a more natural feeling on the eyes. Polysoft 55 contact lenses are made from 55 percent polymacon, which is a gel-like polymer material that conforms to the shape of your eyes. This construction promises ultimate stability, so you can count on a consistent fit with no adjustments necessary.

A 55 percent water content keeps eyes fully hydrated for a refreshing, moist feeling whether you're working in front of the computer or traveling. Polysoft 55 contact lenses have a 1-2 week replacement schedule, which offers ultimate convenience and cleanliness with a fresh new pair after up to 14 days of wear.

Polysoft 55 (Same as UltraFlex 55) Reviews


So pleased with my Polysoft 55

What a fantastic pair of contact lenses. The Polysoft 55 is the only contact lenses I have EVER worn. My eye doctor told me that I should take them out every night but being the lazy person I am, I decided to tempt fate and leave them in until they started to bother me. After MONTHS without taking them out, they started to get bothersome.
I am still using the original order from the doctor. Never had any problems with them although I wouldn't recommend the extended to the extreme I have used them. How refreshing to use a product which is far superior to what the manufacturer says it is.