Prosite XC Contact Lenses

Prosite XC
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Prosite XC Contact Lenses

6 pack - 3 month supply

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Product Information

A budget-friendly store brand alternative to Biomedics XC, Prosite XC contact lenses by Ocular Sciences deliver superior moisture with a highly advanced construction. Patented phosphorylcholine (PC) technology uses molecules found in human cell membranes that are naturally designed to attract and bind water to the surface of the lenses. This innovative construction prevents end-of-day dryness for lens wearers who often experience discomfort before the day is over.

In addition to the superior hydration of Prosite XC contact lenses, they’re naturally resistant to surface deposits for irritation-free wear from insertion to removal. This unique combination helps keep your eyes healthier and more comfortable throughout the day. Prosite XC contact lenses are composed of 40 percent omafilcon A, a soft polymer material that evolves to the shape of your eyes for heightened stability and a consistent view. The remaining 60 percent of the lenses is composed of water, which contributes to moisturizing comfort with no eye drops or wetting agents necessary.

A 1-2 week lifespan delivers exceptional convenience and eliminates the likelihood of deposit and allergen build-up, which keeps your eyes supremely comfortable, with daily cleaning and storing is required for ideal comfort and performance from your Prosite XC contact lenses, with a fresh new pair after up to 14 days of wear.

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Price Comparison

Our Lowest Price: $13.99
Retail Price: $22.00
Your Savings: $8.01
Manufacturer: Ocular Sciences
Material Content:

40% Polymer ( omafilcon A )

Water Content:

60% H2O

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Carolyn Yoder


Great product!

Carolyn Yoder
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