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Natural Sight 38 Natural Sight 38 Rx

Natural Sight 38

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Choose Quantity & Enter Prescription
Prescription Information:
  • OD right eye
  • OS left eye
  • Brand name eg. Acuvue
  • BC / Base Curve a number between 8.0 and 10.0
  • DIA / Diameter a number between 13.0 and 15.0
  • Power / Sphere / Rx a number between -20 and +20
In Addition for astigmatic patients:
  • Cylinder a number between -4.00 and +4.00
  • Axis a number between 0 and 180
  • Cylinder and Axis are usually separated by a x
For Multifocal, Bifocal lenses or Presbyopia:

"Addition" or "add" is usually preceded by "+" or is listed as "low", "mid" or "high" depending on the lens manufacturer.

Quantity Base Curve Diameter Power
Right Eye (OD)
Left Eye (OS)

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Product Information

Natural Sight 38 contact lenses by Ocular Sciences are identical in construction to the popular Biomedics 38 and Ultraflex 38 contact lenses. These lenses embody an innovative design that corrects refractive errors when placed on the human cornea. This enables your eyes to more precisely focus light rays on the retina, which results in clearer, crisper vision in all light settings. Natural Sight 38 contact lenses are tinted to help detect them in solution. However, this feature won't interfere with your vision because the tint comes with a visible light transmittance of approximately 90 percent.

A unique polymer material called polymacon makes up 62 percent of the lenses with the remaining 38 percent composed of water. These two materials work together to facilitate a stable fit and optimal hydrating power no matter how dry your environment might be. Natural Sight 38 contact lenses come with a convenient 1-2 week replacement schedule, which reduces debris and deposit build-up. Eye care professionals encourage daily washing and storing of the lenses to maintain the superior comfort and performance of this technology-rich design. All orders will ship as Biomedics 38 and Ultraflex 38.

2. Green Troll

You don't have to live under a bridge to perfect your creepy troll costume with Green Troll contact lenses, which feature an authentic design that captures the out-of-this-world essence of these hideous creatures. The lens design features swampy green irises with a craggy jet black outline to give your eyes a spooky and surreal aura. These lenses are a fitting accessory for film productions, themed parties, photo shoots, conventions and more.

Green Troll contact lenses are built using an innovative polymer material called polymacon, which facilitates optimal stability by conforming to the eyes upon contact. This component makes up 62 percent of the lenses, while the remaining 38 percent is composed of water to keep eyes refreshed and hydrated for a full day of wear. This innovative combination not only promotes better comfort, but improved ocular health as well.

The one-year lifespan with recommended cleaning and storing allows you to show off your Green Troll contact lenses at several special events throughout the year. Make your costume truly memorable this year by topping off your look with these one-of-a-kind scary accessories, available at an all-time low price only at Lens.com.

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Ocular Sciences

Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

Water Content

38% H2O