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Aqualite Toric

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Choose Quantity & Enter Prescription for Right and Left Eye
Prescription Information:
  • OD right eye
  • OS left eye
  • Brand name eg. Acuvue
  • BC / Base Curve a number between 8.0 and 10.0
  • DIA / Diameter a number between 13.0 and 15.0
  • Power / Sphere / Rx a number between -20 and +20
In Addition for astigmatic patients:
  • Cylinder a number between -4.00 and +4.00
  • Axis a number between 0 and 180
  • Cylinder and Axis are usually separated by a x
For Multifocal, Bifocal lenses or Presbyopia:

"Addition" or "add" is usually preceded by "+" or is listed as "low", "mid" or "high" depending on the lens manufacturer.

Quantity Base Curve Diameter Power Cylinder Axis
Right Eye (OD)
Left Eye (OS)
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Aqualite Toric Reviews

Product Information

For patients with astigmatism and a strict budget, Aqualite Toric contact lenses by Ocular Sciences are an effective store brand alternative to Biomedics Toric and Ultraflex Toric. The lenses deliver the same clear view at a more affordable price. Aqualite Toric contacts are made from a standard hydrogel material that features a thinner patented edge design to keep the lenses from coming into contact with your eyelids. As a result, lens wearers enjoy a more natural fit and limited irritation. Aqualite Toric contact lenses correct refractive errors of the eye by improving the focus of light for superior visual acuity from day to night.

Innovative UV blocking protection guards the covered portion of your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays, so you can enjoy a carefree day outdoors without exposing your eyes to dangerous conditions. A unique polymer material called ocufilcon D makes up 45 percent of the lenses, which facilitates optimal stability and low rotation. This feature ensures that your lenses stay comfortably in place from insertion to removal. A 55 percent water content completes the construction of Aqualite Toric contact lenses to hydrate the eyes and ensure a moist, comfortable feeling.

With a 1-2 week replacement schedule, lens wearers can prevent the likelihood of debris and deposit build-up and enjoy enhanced convenience. Daily cleaning and storing is necessary to preserve performance and comfort before replacing with a fresh new pair after up to 14 days.

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Ocular Sciences

Material Content

45% Polymer (ocufilcon D)

Water Content

55% H2O