Biofinity vs Air Optix Night & Day Aqua: Which Is Better?


Navigating the vast landscape of monthly contact lenses can be a challenging task, especially when you’re faced with a decision between two high-quality brands like Biofinity® and Air Optix® Night & Day® Aqua.

Whether you prioritize all-day comfort or need the flexibility to wear your contact lenses overnight, both brands have special features that may cater to your unique eye health needs.

In this guide, we’ll compare Biofinity by CooperVision with Air Optix Night & Day AQUA by Alcon to help you decide which lens might be the better choice for your lifestyle.

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Summary: Biofinity vs Air Optix Night & Day Aqua

BrandBiofinityAir Optix Night & Day Aqua
Wearing ScheduleDaily wear or up to 7 days of extended wearDaily wear or up to 30 nights of extended wear
Material52% comfilcon A76% lotrafilcon A
Water Content48%24%
Vision Problems Corrected– Nearsightedness
– Farsightedness
– Nearsightedness
– Farsightedness
Special Features– Aquaform® Technology
– Aberration Neutralizing System™
– Visibility tint
– SmartShield® Technology
– High wettability and lipid deposit resistance
– Visibility tint
Lens DesignAsphericalSpherical
Lenses Per Box6 (6-month supply)6 (6-month supply)

Biofinity vs Air Optix Night & Day Aqua in Detail

Biofinity contact lenses are a product of CooperVision, a renowned name in the eye care industry. Since 1980, CooperVision has firmly established itself as a global leader in contact lenses. It distributes a comprehensive range of soft contacts in over 130 countries and produces billions of contacts every year. Its innovative approach emphasizes quality and comfort, reflected in products like Biofinity.

On the other hand, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contact lenses are crafted by Alcon, a leading name synonymous with cutting-edge eye care. With a rich heritage spanning over 75 years, Alcon operates in 60 countries and serves patients in more than 140 countries. As the largest eye care device company in the world, Alcon has earned its reputation for pioneering contact lens technologies that deliver consistent comfort and exceptional vision.

Wearing Schedule

Biofinity and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua cater to different lifestyles when it comes to wearing schedules.

Biofinity contacts are FDA-approved for both daily wear and up to 7 days of extended wear. In contrast, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contacts push the boundaries of extended wear, as they are designed for up to 30 nights of continuous wear (as prescribed by an eye care professional).

While both brands offer the advantage of extended wear, Biofinity focuses on a balance between daily use and short-term continuous wear, while Air Optix Night & Day Aqua emphasizes longer-term continuous wear, providing an option for those who prefer or require such flexibility.


Both Biofinity and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua are engineered with wearing comfort in mind, but they achieve this through different lens technologies and features.

Biofinity contacts utilize CooperVision’s patented Aquaform Technology, which locks in water to ensure all-day comfort. Biofinity contacts also feature smooth, rounded edges that minimize interaction between the lenses and eyelids. Plus, Biofinity’s comfilcon A material helps the contacts stay soft, moist, and resistant to deposits throughout the day.

On the other hand, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contacts focus on breathability and moisture retention. Crafted from a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material, these lenses allow oxygen to flow continuously for healthy-looking eyes. Alcon’s innovative SmartShield® Technology also creates an ultra-thin layer of moisture to safeguard the lens from irritating deposits.

Special Features

Biofinity and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua offer unique special features that set them apart in the contact lens market.

Aside from Aquaform Technology, Biofinity contacts feature CooperVision’s patented Aberration Neutralizing System. This technology minimizes optical imperfections for enhanced vision quality. And unlike most monthly contact lenses, Biofinity contacts have an aspherical design to ensure consistently clear vision. The lenses are also tinted for easy handling.

Meanwhile, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contacts feature high wettability and lipid deposit resistance for long-lasting comfort. These lenses also have a visibility tint for easy handling.


Biofinity contacts are on the lower end of the price spectrum, while Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contacts are a mid-range option.

This difference in price reflects the unique features and benefits that each brand provides, such as Air Optix Night & Day Aqua’s extended continuous wear capability and breathability. While Biofinity provides a cost-effective solution with features like Aquaform® Technology and a specialized comfort design, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua’s price might be justified by its longer wear duration and innovative technologies like SmartShield®.

Ultimately, the choice between the two brands will likely depend on individual preferences and needs, weighing the specific benefits against the price of each option.


The reviews for both Biofinity and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua on provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and reflect the high quality of both brands.

Biofinity contacts have an impressive 9.2/10 rating from 971 reviews, indicating strong approval from wearers who have likely appreciated the balance of comfort, visual performance, and value for the price. On the other hand, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contacts have a slightly higher rating of 9.5/10 from 672 reviews, possibly reflecting satisfaction with the brand’s breathability, extended continuous wear capability, and innovative technologies.

While both products have received high praise from wearers, the difference in rating might be indicative of specific preferences or needs that align more closely with one brand over the other. Either way, these ratings strongly suggest that both Biofinity and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua have succeeded in meeting or exceeding customer expectations in various aspects of lens wearing experience.

Conclusion: Which Monthly Contact Lens Is Right for You?

Biofinity and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua are two highly respected brands in the monthly contact lens market, each with unique features catering to different needs.

Ultimately, both monthly contact lens brands offer excellent comfort and quality. But remember: the best lens for you will largely depend on your eye health needs and your eye doctor’s advice. In the end, choosing between Biofinity and Air Optix Night & Day Aqua shouldn’t be a dilemma, but rather a conversation about what’s best for your eyes.

This information is intended as a resource, not medical advice. Be sure to consult with your ECP to determine your specific needs.