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Silsoft Contact Lenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Silsoft contacts?
Silsoft contact lenses are produced by Bausch + Lomb, a leading brand of conventional soft daily wear lenses.
Are Silsoft contact lenses being discontinued?
No, Silsoft Aphakic Adult contacts have not been discontinued by Bausch & Lomb. They continue to be produced, marketed, and sold on Typically, if a contact lens ceases to be produced by the manufacturer, we will indicate it clearly on our product page as being a discontinued lens and there won't be an option to purchase them.
Can you sleep with Silsoft contacts?
Yes, you can sleep when using Silsoft Aphakic Adult lenses. Sleeping in Silsoft Aphakic Adult for a brief amount of time is not an issue because they are authorized for overnight wear (a full night's sleep). As always though, make sure you're OK to do so with your ECP even if they are technically approved as every individual's situation is different.
Can you shower with Silsoft contacts?
No. Your Silsoft contact lenses shouldn't come in contact with water. Wearing lenses while swimming or taking a shower is not advisable.
Are Silsoft contact lenses a good brand?
SilSoft contact lenses are specially designed for people who have recently had cataract surgery without an intraocular lens implant. Made of a silicone hydrogel lens material, these contacts allow high levels of oxygen to reach the eye.