A Guide To Halloween Contact Lenses [Buying Online, Style & Safety Tips]


Halloween contact lenses

Halloween contact lenses are also known as decorative contact lenses, costume contact lenses, novelty contact lenses, or special effect contact lenses. People use these contact lenses to elevate the look of their costumes on Halloween. Actors and actresses also use these contact lenses when playing characters such as vampires, werewolves, or zombies in movies and TV shows.

Most Halloween contact lenses are purely cosmetic (Plano), which means they won’t correct your vision. The FDA considers these types of contact lenses as medical devices just the same, so you’ll still need a valid prescription from your eye care professional if you plan on buying a pair.

If you’re looking to buy costume contacts, shop our vast selection of FDA-approved novelty contacts, in time for Halloween! Otherwise, read on.

Buying Halloween contact lenses

You can buy cheap Halloween contact lenses from e-commerce contact lens sites, brick-and-mortar stores, and even at the offices of some eye care professionals. 

However, shopping for Halloween contact lenses online is your best option. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Affordability

Ecommerce contact lens sites offer contact lenses at prices lower than what brick-and-mortar stores and optometrists usually give. If you don’t want to spend too much money on contact lenses you’ll only use once or twice, then buying online is the way to go.

  1. Range of options

Online shops often have a bigger selection of Halloween contact lenses compared to brick-and-mortar stores and doctor’s offices. If you’re looking for specific Halloween contact lenses that you can’t find in any store, chances are you can find them online.

  1. Convenience

Why spend time and effort going from store to store when you can buy the right contact lenses from the comfort of your home. You can even get a valid prescription by taking an online vision test. You can then place your order, send a copy of the prescription to the website, and they’ll ship your contact lenses to you. Simple, right?

Halloween contact lens styles

At Lens.com, you have a wide range of Halloween contact lens styles available. You’ll have no shortage of options to choose from, whether you want to dress up as a ghoul, a demon, or even your favorite movie character.

The most popular Halloween contact lenses on Lens.com include:

  • Sclera Lenses – Colored sclera lenses add a frightening effect to your costume by covering most of your eyes. Sclera lenses cover the entire sclera (the white portion of your eyeball), hence the name.
  • Lenses Inspired By Movies – Want to dress up as your favorite movie character for Halloween? Browse this selection of contact lenses to find the right one for you.
  • Scary Lenses – This selection is perfect if you want to look like a demon or a terrifying creature of the night.

Eyeglasses and Halloween contact lenses

Wearing prescription eyeglasses is not a problem since Halloween contact lenses are Plano, which means they provide no vision correction. You can wear eyeglasses as usual and wear the Halloween contacts behind your glasses.

Are Halloween contact lenses safe?

If you’ve never worn Halloween contact lenses before, you might be wondering if they’re safe for your eyes.

Generally speaking, Halloween contact lenses are safe. As long as you purchase FDA-approved Halloween contact lenses from a reputable store, you don’t have to worry about any eye issues.

However, even if Halloween contact lenses are just cosmetic, they are still contact lenses. They are still medical devices. To ensure the health and safety of your eyes, you need to follow contact lens care and safety protocols.

If you are planning to wear any kind of special effect contact lenses this Halloween, keep the following things mind:

  • Wash your hands.

Always wash your hands before touching your contact lenses. Wet your hands with running water, apply antibacterial soap, and rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds.  Wash your hands thoroughly to remove all traces of soap, then dry your hands with fresh paper towels. 

Using this technique will prevent eye irritation, redness, and infections.

  • Put in your contact lenses before applying makeup.

You will likely be putting on makeup as part of your Halloween costume. Make sure you put in your contact lenses first. This way, there is no risk of transferring any makeup left on your hands to your contact lenses, which can irritate your eyes and even cause an infection.

  • Take out your contacts before removing your makeup.

Removing makeup often requires the use of a liquid makeup remover. Applying makeup remover to your face while wearing contact lenses can result in the makeup remover getting into your lenses and staining or even damaging them. To avoid this, simply take out your contact lenses before using makeup remover.

  • Only buy FDA-approved Halloween contact lenses.

Buying cheap knockoff lenses will save you money initially, but they will only cause more problems than they’re worth in the long run. Wearing these types of lenses can irritate and even permanently damage your eyes. The only way to avoid these unnecessary risks is to purchase FDA-approved Halloween contact lenses.

Halloween & Novelty Contacts FAQs

What are scleral lenses?

The white part of your eye is called the sclera. Scleral Novelty contact lenses cover the white (sclera) part of the eye as well as the pupil. This can create some very scary effects. Sclera lenses can create the all-black effect of zombies and the all-blue effect of the Fremen from the movie Dune.

How often can I wear my Novelty Contact Lenses?

Lens.com sells only FDA-approved contact lenses. With proper care and cleaning your Novelty Contact Lenses should last one year. Please ensure you have received adequate instruction on the care and cleaning of your contact lenses especially if you intend to wear them on a regular basis.

What information will I need to provide so I can order Novelty contact lenses?

Most Novelty lenses are sold as plano (no correction). Where correction is required we will need your prescription. In all cases, we will need the name of your eye doctor for confirmation that you can wear contact lenses, even plano.

How long will it take to get my novelty contacts from Lens.com? Most people want these lenses for a party. Your best bet is to order early so they will arrive on time. Lens.com can ship your Novelty contact lenses by courier for 2-3 day delivery. The delivery time includes Rx Verification and processing of your order.

If you choose standard delivery it should take roughly 7-9 business days from date of order. To ensure timely delivery we recommend shipping by courier and placing your order early.

Are there novelty lenses that correct for Astigmatism?

Novelty lenses are not available in toric parameters however most patients can wear Novelty Contact Lenses for a short time, such as while attending a party. You can check with your eye care provider to determine which non-toric prescription will provide you with the best vision.

Note: We recommend you avoid Novelty Contact Lenses which require a specific orientation on the eye for the effect to be achieved. For example ‘Banshee’ is oriented straight up and down. If you have astigmatism the pattern will be out of alignment and will look funny, not scary! We recommend a lens such as ‘Vader’, where there is no orientation or a scleral lens that will not rotate.

Are novelty contact lenses suitable for use while driving?

No they are not suitable for use while operating a motor vehicle or any other machinery requiring the best vision for safety. They can distort your vision and interfere with peripheral vision. Your best approach is to take your lenses and solution with you and insert them when you reach your destination or when it’s safe to do so.

Though suitable for most conditions, novelty lenses should not be worn while driving as they can distort peripheral vision.


Costume contact lenses or novelty contact lenses are a great way to spice up your look this coming Halloween. If it’s your first time considering wearing Halloween contact lenses, just remember that you still need a valid prescription to be able to purchase them. You don’t need to worry about the health of your eyes as long as you buy FDA-approved contact lenses, and you practice proper contact lens care and safety. 

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