Green Ghoul

Green Ghoul

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Green Ghoul has been discontinued by Novelty Mfg

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Green Ghoul

Written By: Sandra Z

Goulish Green Lenses

The Goul contacts were decent. I was looking for something a little deeper green so I actually got the lizard ones too. Depends on the look you want - I wanted something that jumped out a little more. The green is pretty pale - but if thats what you want these will work

Product Information

An entrancing mint green glow hypnotizes anyone who dares to make eye contact with you while you're wearing your Green Ghoul contact lenses. These super spooky novelty lenses feature crisp, pale green irises with a mesmerizing glow that captures attention even from a distance. Because of the dramatic nature of the lenses, they are exceptionally well-suited for Halloween celebrations, theatrical performances, movie productions, photo shoots, costume parties, or just for adding a freaky accessory to an everyday outfit.

Green Ghoul contact lenses are made from 62 percent polymacon, a soft polymer material that molds perfectly around the shape of your eyes for a stable fit. This unique quality ensures a consistent appearance and outlook without the need for constant adjustments. The 38 percent water content adds to your comfort and convenience by keeping eyes hydrated whether you're enjoying a windy autumn day outdoors or an evening out in a smoky nightclub.

Although Green Ghoul contact lenses are designed for occasional wear, they last for up to one year with proper maintenance. This means you can show off your eccentric side and capture attention from Halloween to Halloween and at any special event in between.

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Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

Water Content

38% H2O

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