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OP-3 Contact Lenses 1 vial - 1 lens - 12 month supply

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OP-3 Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: Optical Polymer Research
Lens type: Gas Permeable
Each box contains: 1 lenses, a 12-month supply
Water Content: 0%
Availability: Made to order
Cost per day: $0.08
Customer rating: 9.0/10
% Lens Material: 100% lotifocon A

Product Information

If you’ve ever worn your contacts for a bit longer than you should, then you likely know the feeling associated with eyes that need to breathe. The cornea gets the oxygen it needs to stay healthy from the air that passes through the front of the eye. Some lenses are more breathable than others, but one type of lens that is unexpectedly breathable is hard contact lenses. While their strong, durable composition may seem impenetrable, rigid gas permeable contact lenses, like OP-3 lenses, allow high levels of oxygen to pass through them. Eyes that get the oxygen they need are clear, bright, and healthy.

Manufactured by Optical Polymer Research, OP-3 contact lenses provide a host of eye benefits that you may not be aware of. One of the biggest misconceptions about hard contact lenses is that they’re uncomfortable. Due to their high level of breathability eyes maintain that natural, no-lens feeling throughout the day. Further boosting the comfort level of OP-3 lenses is that they are very wettable. RPG contact lenses have no water content, unlike their soft counterparts. They’re made from 100 percent polymer. The material used for OP-3 contacts is called lotifocon A—a substance that seals in moisture so eyes stay comfortable and healthy. Lotifocon A is also incredibly durable, which adds to the lasting comfort of the lens and also makes OP-3 lenses easy to handle.

Lenses that have some water content are not necessarily all they’re cracked up to be. While they may provide some comfort to those who suffer from dry eye issues, they are also more likely to harbor bacteria and excessive protein build-up. RGP contact lenses, having no water content, are less likely to accumulate irritants. Contact lens wearers who suffer from allergies or protein build-up can often find some relief by switching to rigid gas permeable contact lenses. As hard contact lenses are made to order, they can accommodate a variety of correction needs in one lens. Custom lenses provide better vision as the fit is just right for the wearer and all the necessary corrections are included. The result is a lens that stays in place and provides sharp, stable vision.

OP-3 Reviews


These contacts are awesome!

This contact lens rocks! This thing is super durable, nothing can break it. I was amazed at how long this contact lens consistently lasted me. I don't know why everyone doesn't wear the OP-3. It lasts forever so I am not always buying contacts and I save money. It also gives me awesome vision and its super comfortable.


OP 3 These contacts rock!

These RGPs are the way to go. I switched to these from another brand about 2 years ago and am happy with the switch. They are the most comfortable lenses that I have ever worn hands down I can wear them for a very long time and they never irritate my eyes. They are very easy to maintain. I am very happy with the switch!

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