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Fluorex 300 Contact Lenses 1 box - 1 pack - 12 month supply

Fluorex 300
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Product Information

Fluorex 300 is a brand of gas permeable contact lenses that offers a more comfortable solution to lens wearers who may be unable to enjoy a full day of wear with soft lenses. Because of high oxygen transmission features, the lenses facilitate a more natural feeling from insertion to removal. These features not only enhance comfort, but also improve ocular health and give the sclera a whiter, clearer appearance.

A 100 percent flusilfocon A construction makes Fluorex 300 contact lenses exceptionally durable to prevent rips and tears that can occur from regular handling. Although the strength of this material may take longer to adjust to the shape of your eyes than a soft lens, daily wear ensures a customized fit in a matter of days. The lens construction is completely water-free to eliminate the likelihood of debris, allergens, and protein deposits forming on your contacts. For lens wearers who may have serious allergies or frequent discomfort with soft lenses, Fluorex 300 contact lenses are often a comfortable solution.

A one-year replacement schedule gives you plenty of time to enjoy your lenses without having to worry about ordering a new pair for a while. Despite the long-term life of the lenses, they maintain a high standard of comfort and performance throughout the 365-day duration.

Fluorex 300 Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: GT Laboratories
Lens type: Gas Permeable
Each box contains: 1 lenses, a 12-month supply
Water content: 0%
Availability: Made to order
Rebate: No
Cost per day: $0.08
Customer rating: 9.0/10
% Lens material: 100% flusilfocon A

Fluorex 300 Reviews


I'm glad I switched to the Fluorex 300

I have always worn glasses because I didn't want to have to mess with contact lenses every day. My wife finally got me to try them and the first one I tried was the Fluorex 300. I figured that a gas permeable contact lens would be the best for the transition and I loved it from day 1. The sight that it gave me was just as good as my glasses and it was very comfortable as well. Its very easy to take care of so its not a hassle.


Fluorex 300 are some hassle-free contacts

I just switched to these RGPs and they are great. They kind of made my eyes sensitive at first but it my eyes adjusted after several days. After that I couldn't even feel them in my eye. The comfort level was amazing and nothing I had ever experienced with contacts before. I threw out my glasses because I don't need them anymore!

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