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Clearsight Contact Lenses

About Clearsight Contacts

ClearSight contacts from CooperVision are daily disposable lenses. Also known as dailies, daily disposable lenses are designed to be thrown away after a day’s use. Because of their frequent replacement schedule, dailies like ClearSight contacts are less prone to deposit buildup that can otherwise cause irritation.

Dailies like ClearSight contacts are also convenient, especially for new and young lens wearers. Simply throw away your contacts at the end of the day and wear a brand new pair of contacts in the morning.

Another great thing about ClearSight contacts is they have an established design that minimizes the interaction between your eyelids and the lenses. This translates to a greater level of comfort. ClearSight contacts also have a high water content to keep your eyes moist all day.

What do customers love about ClearSight contacts?

ClearSight contacts are one of the most popular daily disposable lens brands on Here’s what customers love about these contacts:

  • Convenient - Customers love how convenient ClearSight contacts are. They can simply remove and throw away their contacts at the end of the day.
  • Comfortable - Customers find that ClearSight contacts are non-drying, even after several hours of wear.

Crisp, clear vision - Customers who purchased ClearSight 1 Day Toric contacts report that their contacts are able to deliver excellent visual acuity at all distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Clearsight contact lens brand good?

Clearsight contacts are made by CooperVision, the same maker as the ultra popular Biofinity line of contacts. Expertise in production and development have been adapted to a daily disposable lens, instead of the monthly lens that Biofinity contacts are. ClearSight 1 contacts are a great daily lens option and they provide clear vision and comfort while requiring very little upkeep.

What are the benefits of Clearsight contacts?

With a daily replacement schedule, UV-protection, and the ability to correct nearsighted or farsighted vision, ClearSight 1 Day contacts can provide the trusted value you're searching for in contact lenses.

What kind of material does the Clearsight contact lens brand use?

Clearsight contacts are made from hydrogel (ocufilcon B). They are made from a "water-loving" (hydrophilic) material that has the ability to absorb water, making the lens soft and flexible.

Are ClearSight contacts discontinued?
ClearSight 1 Day has been discontinued by the manufacturer but you can still purchase it at until supplies last.
Can you sleep in ClearSight contacts?
No, ClearSight contacts are daily disposable lenses. Make sure to replace your daily disposable lenses everyday.
Can you shower with ClearSight contacts?
No, avoid showering with any of the ClearSight contact lenses.
Who makes ClearSight?
ClearSight brand is manufactured by CooperVision.