Biofinity vs Biofinity Energys Contacts: What are the differences?


Biofinity and Biofinity Energys are 2 contact lenses often compared, as they sit within the same product family. Both are monthly replaceables produced by CooperVision. CooperVision launched Biofinity Energys 10 years after it introduced the original Biofinity contact lens. Biofinity Energys is based on that extremely popular lens, with a few important differences.

The Difference Between Biofinity And Biofinity Energys

In this guide, we’ll provide a comparison between Biofinity and Biofinity Energys. This will include features, wearing schedule, and more. After reading this guide, along with the recommendations from your eye care professional, you’ll be better equipped to decide which contact lens is right for you.

BrandBiofinityBiofinity Energys
ManufacturerCooperVision, Inc.CooperVision, Inc.
Replacement scheduleMonthlyMonthly
MaterialSilicone hydrogel (comfilcon A)Silicone hydrogel (comfilcon A)
Water content48% water48% water
Vision problems corrected– Farsightedness
– Nearsightedness
– Farsightedness
– Nearsightedness
Key features– Permanent plasma treatment for a smooth surface– Digital Zone Optics
Additional features– Can be worn in an extended period of time– Lens design can address the increase use of digital devices of the wearer
Lenses per box6 lenses per box6 lenses per box

Biofinity vs Biofinity Energys In Detail

Biofinity vs Biofinity Energys are two contact lenses designed to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. Biofinity contacts launched in 2008, and quickly became one of the most popular, high value monthly contact lenses on the market. It features their patented Aquaform technology. Aquaform is a group of design features intended to retain moisture and enable eye comfort throughout the wearer’s experience. Through their formulation of silicone hydrogel lens material, Biofinty claims their contact lens offers superior smoothness, as well as the ability to lock in moisture to prevent dryness. Aquaform also offers a high degree of oxygen permeability and a softer, more flexible lens (known as low modulus).

Biofinity Energys launched almost 10 years after Biofinity’s introduction, in 2017. The main advancement to Biofinity Energys is its focus on the digital user, and some of the challenges they face. Heavy digital users are focusing on an object like a laptop, or smartphone for long periods of time, a distance that’s fixed and up close. As a result, such an environment often leads to eye strain and dryness. Biofinity Energys feature a lens design that enables freer focusing and refocusing on objects near and far. As a result, your eye muscles feel less tired and strained. The lenses also carry over the moisture-promoting features of the standard Biofinity contact including Aquaform, which is particularly welcome for heavy digital users. Apart from these, there are some slight differences in the power range between the 2, with the Biofinity having a somewhat wider range of powers available.

Importantly, both lenses feature the same great silicone hydrogel material. Both lenses feature UV protection, and of course both are monthly disposable lenses with the option for extended or overnight wear (6 nights/7 days).  

Biofinity and Biofinity Energys are identical in all technical parameters such as base curve, diameter, and water content.

The patented Digital Zone Optics featured in Biofinity Energys is designed to ease eye strain from prolonged digital device use.

Biofinity Vs Biofinity Energys Reviews

Biofinity contacts have an average rating of 9.2/10 at 

“I usually use Acuvue Vita but I saw these on the website. I used to use these a while ago and I forgot about cooper vision. I sleep in my contacts and Im literally the worst contact wearer ever and these are so comfortable. Firm but not too firm and not too flimsy where they just flip outta your eye when you wipe your cheek. Love it and so affordable..” – Anonymous

“I’ve found Biofinity to be the best lens to use. had the best price and fast shipping for sure. There was a problem with the initial order, and the people at Lens. com did a super job taking care of it and shipped out the missing box. Thank you for super product and service.” – David S

Biofinity Energys contact lenses also have an average rating of 9/10.

“Best vision ever. It takes a little getting used to handling a thinner lens, but you get used to it, and the lenses are definitely worth it. Love ’em..” – Gary JW

“They fit right, feel comfortable and work as expected..” – Debra B.


What makes the Biofinity a great monthly contact lens for wearers is its comfort features. Silicone hydrogel construction and a high-value price point are both advantages present in the Biofinity Energys. What separates the two is a design meant to address the specific challenges that digital device users face. If you find yourself falling into this group of recurrent eye tiredness and dryness from computer screens and the like, consult with your ECP to see if it may be the solution for you.