Get the Look: Best Halloween Costumes With Contact Lenses to Recreate in 2023


    Ah, October — the time of year when leaves morph into a dance of fiery hues, pumpkin spice invades every menu, and the eerily delightful ambiance of Halloween grips the nation.

    But as the pop culture pulse of 2023 races with blockbuster movies, hit shows, and viral trends, why rehash yesterday’s costume classics? Ditch the tired masks and clichéd capes. Instead, up the ante and immerse in the here and now by pairing today’s hottest themes with the allure of contact lenses.

    In this style guide, we’ll explore show-stopping costumes inspired by 2023 pop culture, each amplified with the perfect pair of Halloween contact lenses.

    1. Barbie from Barbie


    Dive into the glitz of 2023’s summer hit, “Barbie,” where Margot Robbie’s vibrant rollerskating ensemble became an instant favorite. Embracing self-discovery and neon, this outfit is the epitome of modern fantasy meets fashion.

    Channel Robbie’s iconic look with a neon-printed bathing suit, biker shorts, leg warmers, and a clear visor. Don’t forget those bright blue contact lenses to truly capture Barbie’s mesmerizing gaze!

    2. Jigsaw from Saw X


    Delve into the spine-tingling realm of Jigsaw, the infamous mastermind behind the “Saw” series’ diabolical games. With the much-anticipated “Saw X” hitting screens this October, channeling Jigsaw’s eerie presence is timely and chilling.

    Don the iconic black robe, stark white puppet mask, and those haunting spirals on your cheeks. Elevate your look to bone-chilling perfection with striking red Halloween contact lenses. Step forward, and let the games begin!

    3. Ariel from The Little Mermaid


    Dive beneath the waves and into the enchanting world of 2023’s “The Little Mermaid,” starring the captivating Halle Bailey as Ariel. Embrace the magic of this reimagined mermaid princess, with her vibrant red locks and dreams of the human world.

    While Halle’s natural brown eyes are common enough, if you’re aiming for unparalleled authenticity, those with lighter eye colors can opt for deep brown contact lenses to truly embody this modern-day Ariel.

    4. Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


    Step into the interstellar intrigue of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Nebula, the fierce, blue-skinned warrior from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. As she once again graced the silver screen this spring in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” there’s no better time to embody her complex character.

    Get Nebula’s look by wearing a futuristic purple ensemble, accessorizing with metal and leather accents, and painting any exposed skin blue, especially your face. But to truly capture her intense, enigmatic aura, it’s essential to wear black sclera contact lenses. Ready to conquer the galaxy, one Halloween party at a time?

    5. J. Robert Oppenheimer from Oppenheimer


    Step back into history with Christopher Nolan’s summer epic, “Oppenheimer.” Cillian Murphy brilliantly brings to life the enigmatic J. Robert Oppenheimer, the mastermind behind the Manhattan Project.

    For those keen on capturing the essence of this groundbreaking physicist, wear a suit of hardy workwear fabric, paired with a crisp shirt and matching tie. But it’s Murphy’s piercing blue eyes that steal the show. So, for that authentic Oppenheimer allure, consider slipping into bright blue contacts to mimic Murphy’s iconic gaze.

    6. M3GAN from M3GAN


    An AI-driven doll with a sinister twist, M3GAN’s innocent façade hides a bone-chilling secret, making her the perfect Halloween pick for those seeking thrills.

    Get her signature auburn waves with a wig and put on a beige schoolgirl dress adorned with a central silk bow. Then, wear eerily gray Halloween contact lenses to really seal the terror.

    7. Ethan Hunt from Top Gun: Maverick


    Soar to adrenaline-fueled heights this Halloween as Ethan Hunt from the iconic “Top Gun” series. With the thrilling 2022 installment “Top Gun: Maverick” taking flight, there’s no better time to slip into Hunt’s renowned aviator sunglasses and fighter pilot jumpsuit.

    You’ll want to capture his signature style which is, luckily, one of the more straightforward costumes to pull together. Start with a navy blue jacket, paired seamlessly with a sleek blue turtleneck underneath. Throw on a classic pair of jeans and some rugged boots. And if you’re looking to perfect the portrayal down to the last detail, consider green contacts to mimic Cruise’s captivating gaze.

    Now, here’s the twist to elevate this look from daily wear to undeniable Ethan Hunt: wear a tactical motorcycle helmet, reminiscent of the kind Ethan wears during his high-octane jet sequences. This accessory makes your ensemble immediately recognizable and adds that dose of action-packed authenticity. And don’t forget the aviators!

    8. Spot from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


    Dive into the web-swinging dimension-hopping world of “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” with a fresh villain on the block — the Spot. An adversary to Spider-Man and Daredevil, his interdimensional abilities set him apart.

    Crafting this look is a breeze: a white bodysuit, splattered with DIY black spots, captures his iconic appearance. For the face? A thin black mesh evokes the eerie abyss of his visage. Diehard fans can level up with white Halloween contacts, channeling the comic’s portrayal of his blank eyes.

    9. Wednesday Addams from Wednesday


    The delightfully dark and deadpan Wednesday Addams, of the classic Addams Family, took the spotlight in Netflix’s 2022 smash hit “Wednesday.” While the essence of her gothic charm remains untouched, this new rendition brings fresh nuances to her iconic character. If you missed last year’s spooky season trend, fear not. 2023 is ripe for the return of the Wednesdays.

    Wear her signature black, braided pigtails, and collared dress. To truly capture her hauntingly mesmerizing aura, consider black or dark brown contact lenses.

    10. Chucky from Living With Chucky


    The notorious horror doll Chucky made waves again in 2023 with “Living With Chucky,” a deep dive into the strings that animate this horror legend. The doc unravels Chucky’s transformation from malevolent monster to camp horror star and then to a reborn nightmare.

    And though he hails from a long-standing cinematic legacy, Chucky’s fright factor remains evergreen for Halloween revelers. Recreate his look with a striped long-sleeve shirt, denim overalls, and an orange wig. To truly capture the spirit of this ever-terrifying, knife-wielding doll, opt for intensely bright blue contact lenses.

    11. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece


    Set sail on an adventure as the fearless Monkey D. Luffy from the hit Netflix adaptation of “One Piece.”

    Embody the essence of the Straw Hat Captain with his iconic sleeveless red vest, blue shorts with cuffs, and trademark straw hat. Luffy’s shaggy black hair and round black eyes are also unmistakable. So, to fully embody the character, consider sporting a black-haired wig and deep black or brown contact lenses.

    12. Whitesnake from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean


    Last year, the anime community was set ablaze with the release of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean” on Netflix. Because the show’s final 14 episodes were released in December 2022, many fans missed out on representing their favorite JoJo characters for Halloween. But don’t worry. This year offers the perfect opportunity to dive deep into the vibrant world of JoJo.

    For a head-turning costume, go as Whitesnake, the Stand of the series’s main antagonist, Enrico Pucci. Start with a striped bodysuit and a black mask that extends into peaks, like a crown. Sell the look with white contact lenses that echo Whitesnake’s otherworldly eyes. Paired with black leather accents, you’re set to channel the enigmatic energy of this formidable foe.

    13. Mario and Luigi from The Super Mario Bros. Movie


    No warp pipes are needed to bring gaming’s most iconic duo to your Halloween festivities. With the release of the star-studded “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” in April this year, Mario and Luigi’s tales of bravery in the Mushroom Kingdom have been magnified.

    To channel the dynamic plumber pair, start with denim overalls and a long-sleeved T-shirt (red or green, depending on which brother you’re dressing up as). Then, accessorize with a red or green cap, white gloves, and a stick-on Mustache. The brothers sport striking blue eyes in the movie, so slide in some blue contacts to capture the essence of these Italian-American icons.

    14. Din Grogu from The Mandalorian


    Din Grogu, fondly referred to as “Baby Yoda,” first appeared in the ongoing live-action “Star Wars” series, “The Mandalorian,” in 2019. He has since ascended to iconic status, making him an instantly recognizable figure for any Halloween party.

    Get his look by wearing a soft, earth-toned robe that harks back to Yoda’s attire. Also essential to the look are oversized floppy ears, three-fingered gloves, and weathered tan booties. But remember: Grogu’s true charm lies in his mesmerizing black eyes, full of wonder and mystery. So, opt for black sclera contact lenses to truly embody this beloved character.

    15. Ursula from The Little Mermaid


    Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Ursula in 2023’s “The Little Mermaid” brings the treacherous yet magnetic character back to life, with a nod to the classic 1989 look.

    To channel this underwater sorceress, wear a dark purple strapless dress, accessorize with a nautilus shell necklace, and slip into a short, voluminous white wig. The standout feature? Her tentacles. DIY enthusiasts can craft their own with fabric and wire, but there’s no shame in grabbing pre-made ones for convenience. And for that final touch, gray contact lenses will mirror McCarthy’s captivating gaze, ensuring you’re the talk of any under-the-sea soirée.

    16. Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3


    Channel the empathetic and quirky Mantis from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” this Halloween for a truly standout costume.

    Start with a base of a sleeveless green turtleneck, layered with a dark green vest. Pair this with black leather leggings and sleek black boots, and slide into green fingerless opera gloves. Then, wear a dark medium-length wig and top it off with replica mantis antennae. To truly capture Mantis’ unique appearance, wear black sclera contact lenses.

    17. Elvis Presley from Elvis


    To truly embody Elvis Presley as portrayed by Austin Butler in the 2022 film “Elvis,” start with that iconic slicked-back hairstyle — bonus points if you can get those sideburns just right!

    Slip into a shimmering, sequined jumpsuit or a classic ‘50s ensemble of high-collared shirts, leather jackets, and well-fitted trousers. Swivel those hips and lace up some blue suede shoes. If you can’t find those, any classic leather shoes will do. Don’t forget those piercing blue eyes. A pair of blue contacts will work wonders in capturing Presley’s magnetic gaze.

    And if you’re looking to be the talk of the party, pair up with a partner dressed as Priscilla — just in time for Sofia Coppola’s highly anticipated biographical drama film “Priscilla” — for a legendary couples’ costume.

    18. Dracule Mihawk from One Piece


    Drawing from the same enthralling universe as Monkey D. Luffy in “One Piece,” Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk stands out with his commanding presence.

    To channel the aura of the “Strongest Swordsman in the World,” your attire needs to be as sharp as his blade. Start with a wide-brimmed black hat, then drape yourself in a long black coat. No shirt is needed underneath — let that coat be the showstopper! Then, wear light purple trousers, cinched with a decorated belt, and tuck them into boots. The pièce de résistance? A pair of bright yellow Halloween contacts to recreate Dracule’s hawk-like eyes.

    19. Elizabeth Holmes


    Stepping into the shoes of Elizabeth Holmes, one of Silicon Valley’s most infamous figures, is only a matter of embracing a monochrome look.

    In 2022, the biographical drama “The Dropout” documented how Holmes defrauded investors with her once-promising blood-testing company Theranos. This year, as she began her 9-year prison sentence in a Texas federal prison, her story remains fresh in the public’s mind, making her a compelling figure for Halloween.

    To capture her signature look, wear a sleek black turtleneck, matching black trousers, and polished black shoes. Complement this with blonde hair pulled into a neat bun and piercing blue eyes, achieved with blue contact lenses.

    20. Satoru Goju from Jujutsu Kaisen


    Satoru Gojo from “Jujutsu Kaisen” is many things. He is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer, a mentor for the students of Jujutsu High, and part of one of the three great sorcerer families of the jujutsu world.

    With the anime’s second season in full swing this fall, dressing as Satoru is a guaranteed hit at any Halloween party. To get his distinctive look, start with a spiky, snow-white wig. Put on some bright blue contact lenses, then wear a black blindfold and position it so that it’s skewed to one side, allowing one eye to peek out. Finish the ensemble with a dark blue zip-up jacket with a wide, high collar, slim-fit black pants, and black dress boots.

    Final Thoughts

    As the final leaves of October fall and the anticipation of Halloween reaches its crescendo, remember: this year is about breaking boundaries and setting trends. Gone are the days of recycled looks and overused costume ideas. 2023 calls for the fresh, the modern, and the electrifying.

    By intertwining the year’s pop culture sensations with the captivating power of contact lenses, you’re not just wearing a Halloween costume. You’re making a statement!

    A Friendly Halloween Reminder

    While Halloween contact lenses can bring your costume to the next level, they’re still considered medical devices. As such, you should have a valid contact lens prescription from a licensed eye care professional before purchasing. Never buy Halloween contact lenses from stores that don’t ask for a prescription. This ensures your eye safety and helps you avoid potential contact lens-related complications.