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OP-10 Contact Lenses 1 vial - 1 lens - 12 month supply

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OP-10 Details & Parameters

Manufacturer: Optical Polymer Research
Lens type: Gas Permeable
Each box contains: 1 lenses, a 12-month supply
Water Content: 0%
Availability: Made to order
Cost per day: $0.08
Customer rating: 9.0/10
% Lens Material: 100% lotifocon A

Product Information

Optical Polymer Research introduces a new, cutting-edge, rigid gas permeable contact lens called OP-10, designed to enhance comfort, performance and convenience for lens wearers everywhere. Unlike soft lenses, gas permeable contact lenses deliver high amounts of oxygen to the eyes. This feature facilitates a more natural feeling and improved ocular health.

OP-10 contact lenses are made entirely of a durable polymer material called lotifocon A. This material resists rips, tears and other damage that can occur from regular handling, so you can count on a consistent fit throughout wear. The strength of this material may take longer to adjust to the shape of your eyes than soft lenses; but regular wear will ensure a customized and stable fit after a short initial adjustment period.

The water-free lens construction helps prevent the likelihood of debris and deposit build-up during the extensive lifespan of the contacts. Although OP-10 contact lenses don't contain water, they are designed to lock in moisture for superior hydration throughout wear. A one-year replacement schedule adds exceptional convenience to any lifestyle, with no need to order a new pair until the recommended 12-month period has ended.

OP-10 Reviews


OP-10: if disposable are not an option.

I have been wearing contact lenses for a very long time and my sight has always gotten progressively worse throughout the years. Eventually disposable contact lenses couldn't keep up with my sight and I switched to the OP-10. This contact lens has always given me great vision, even when my prescription changes. They are just as comfortable as well so they were able to pick up where the disposables left off.


OP-10 are completely hassle free

These OP-10 lenses are great. I have worn glasses all of my life and my doctor recently turned me on to these RGPs. I never thought that wearing contact lenses could be so comfortable and care-free. I put them in in the morning and I just forget about them. These lenses are definitely more convenient than glasses and provide the same great vision.

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