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Optima Contact Lenses

About Optima Contacts

About Optima Contacts

If you’re looking for time-tested, high-quality contact lenses, Bausch and Lomb’s Optima brand of contacts should definitely be considered, as Bausch and Lomb is a company whose name is synonymous with quality eye care.

Ever since John Jacob Bausch and Henry C. Lomb opened their first monocle workshop, Bausch and Lomb has been a major player in the eye care world. Today, they manufacture many of the world’s leading brands of contact lenses, and are one of the leading makers of eye care products such as ReNu and Biotrue. Interestingly enough, Bausch and Lomb were the makers of the popular sunglass brand Ray-Ban before they sold the brand to an Italian company in 1999. With a wide range of high-quality and successful products manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, it is clear to see why their Optima brand of contact lenses has been trusted for over 10 years.

Due to its unique technology and high-quality design, Optima 38/SP contact lenses have been a leading brand of soft contact lenses for over a decade. Designed to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness, they’re composed of 62% polymer and 38% water, which keeps them free from deposits and able to resist dryness and discomfort throughout the day. If you’re concerned about losing or ripping a contact lens, Bausch and Lomb provides an extra pair with each box in case the wearer loses or damagers their current pair.

The Optima Toric contact lens is a soft lens that’s designed to provide comfort and vision correction for those with astigmatism, which is a defect in the lens—resulting in distorted images. Optima Toric lenses are composed of 55% polymer and 45% water, ensuring your eyes will stay moist from insertion to removal. They’re made with a patented Toric Generating lathe-cutting technology which guarantees a comfortable fit. Optima Toric contacts are designed to be worn daily, and the replacement schedule should be determined by an eye care professional. These Optima contact lenses also come with a pair of spare lenses in case of loss or damage, a sign of Bausch and Lomb’s commitment to their customer’s satisfaction.

Since 1995, has been proud to offer high-quality contact lenses at discount prices. Order Bausch and Lomb Optima contact lenses from and enjoy hassle-free returns, quick shipping, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Optima contacts?
Optima contact lenses are produced by Bausch + Lomb, leading brand of conventional soft daily wear lenses.
Are Optima contact lenses being discontinued?
No, Optima contacts such as Optima 38 / SP and Optima FW are still available and you can purchase at
Can you sleep with Optima contacts?
It's not advised to wear Optima contacts while you sleep unless your doctor has prescribed lenses that are especially made for the situation.
Can you shower with Optima contacts?
No. Wearing O2 Optix contact lenses in water is not advised. You shouldn't wear contact lenses when swimming or taking a shower.
Can I reuse my Optima contacts?
No. You can't reuse your Optima contacts. Optima 38 / SP is a monthly lens which means they can be worn daily for up to 30 days before they need to be replaced. Optima FW is 1-2 week lenses meaning they be worn daily for up to 14 days.
What kind of contacts are Optima?
Optima contact lenses are made of polymacon material, which is designed for all-day and versatile use. The Optima brand is well renowned for its ability to treat a variety of diagnoses, including astigmatism, myopia, presbyopia, as well as more prevalent near- and farsightedness, while also offering the wearer all-day comfort and simplicity of usage.