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O2 Optix Contact Lenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes O2 Optix contacts?
O2 Optix contacts are made by Alcon, and sold on O2 Optix is a highly breathable lens that, in comparison to other well-known contact lens brands, allows up to five times more oxygen to reach your eyes.
Are O2 Optix contact lenses being discontinued?
No, Alcon has not stopped producing O2 Optix contacts. They are still created, advertised, and sold on Typically, if a manufacturer stops making a contact lens, we will make it obvious on our product page that it is a discontinued lens and won't be available for purchase.
Can you sleep with O2 Optix contacts?
O2 Optix contacts should not be used while you sleep unless you have been prescription lenses that are meant for this reason.
Can you shower with O2 Optix contacts?
No. You shouldn't put your O2 Optix contact lenses in water. Swimming and taking a shower should not be done while using contact lenses.
Can I reuse my O2 Optix contacts?
Yes. You can reuse your O2 Optix contacts, as this is a 1-2 week lenses meaning they be re-worn daily for up to 14 days. They still need to be taken out and cleaned every night, but they are made to last longer before you need to replace them with new contacts.
What kind of contacts are O2 Optix?
O2 Optix are made from silicone hydrogel lotrafilcon B which makes the contact lens pleasant and breathable. For clear, healthy-looking eyes, the silicone hydrogel substance allows oxygen to nourish the lens. Additionally, O2 Optix contacts have an ultra-smooth surface created to fend off unpleasant deposit development.