The Cheapest Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Online of 2024

Daily disposable contact lenses are single-use lenses that you throw away at the end of the day. They are designed so that you wear a fresh pair of contacts the next day.

Because of their health and convenience benefits, daily disposable contacts are quickly gaining in popularity among eye care professionals (ECPs) and contact lens wearers alike. 

And contrary to popular belief, daily disposable contact lenses can be affordable. It all depends on the contact lens brand and the lens material.

If you’re considering daily contacts but worried about cost, is here to help. We put together a guide of the cheapest daily contact lenses of 2024, along with the key features and benefits of each one, to help you make a decision based on your budget, eye health needs, and the advice of your ECP.

What are daily disposable contact lenses?

Daily disposable contacts, also known as dailies, are lenses that you throw away after a day’s use. They are not FDA-approved for overnight or extended wear, so you should never nap or sleep in them. Dailies are also not the same as daily wear contacts, which can be reused.

Two key benefits of daily disposable contacts are comfort and convenience. Dailies are generally more comfortable than reusable lenses because they are replaced every day. Proteins, lipids, and other substances found naturally in tears can build up on your lenses and make them feel less comfortable than when they were new. Therefore, the more frequently you replace your contacts, the healthier and more comfortable your eyes can be.

Daily disposable contacts are also convenient because they require little to no cleaning. This makes them a great option for people who don’t enjoy the hassle of a lens care routine as well as young and new lens wearers who aren’t yet used to following a lens care routine.

Impact of Inflation on Contacts

The inflation rates in the United States for 2021 and 2022 clocked in at an annual average of 4.7% and 8.0%, respectively. Meanwhile, the items most impacted by inflation were meat products (8%), electricity (14%), and rent (7.5%). As a result, people cut back heavily on activities like dining out and on purchases including new clothing and tech upgrades, amongst others. Interestingly, amongst the items least impacted, in terms of reduced spending, were contact lenses and prescription eyewear. This may come as little surprise as tech upgrades are a luxury while maintaining one’s vision is a necessity. Having said that, there are still ways in which consumers can ease the burden on their pocketbooks when it comes to contact lenses, including dailies contacts, which have been an increasingly popular choice over monthlies. Inflation rates have moderated in the 1st half of 2024 to below 4% but some prices remain stubbornly high.

Cheapest Daily Disposable Contact Lenses of 2024

For your convenience, we’ve ranked the cheapest daily disposable contact lenses of 2024 on Note that these figures and rankings are subject to change, sometimes frequently, depending on promotions and price adjustments. Consider this a snapshot in time to allow, visit our product detail pages to see updated pricing.




Cost Per Day (90PK)


Proclear® 1 Day








SofLens® Daily Disposable

Bausch & Lomb



Biotrue® ONEday

Bausch & Lomb



Focus® Dailies®




Clariti® 1-Day





Johnson & Johnson




Johnson & Johnson







Biomedics® 1 Day




1. SofLens Daily Disposable is designed for excellent visual quality and long-lasting comfort.

  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 59%
  • Special Features: ComfortMoist Technology, High Definition Optics
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

2. Biotrue ONEday is manufactured with a revolutionary material called HyperGel™, which mimics the eye’s own healthy tears to deliver long-lasting comfort.

  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 78%
  • Special Features: Surface Active Technology™, HyperGel, High Definition Optics
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

3. Proclear 1 Day contacts provide all-day comfort along with remarkable vision and clarity.

  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 60%
  • Special Features: PC Technology™, Aspheric Optics
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

4. Focus Dailies contact lenses are designed for maximum comfort and convenience.

  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 69%
  • Special Features: Lightstream Technology, AquaRelease™
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

5. 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST contact lenses keep moisture in and irritation out to ensure a comfortable lens-wearing experience.

  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 58%
  • Special Features: LACREON® Technology
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

6. DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS from Alcon keeps eyes feeling fresh and comfortable all day with Blink-Activated Moisture technology.

  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 69%
  • Special Features: Blink-Activated Moisture technology, Lightstream Technology™
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

7. Clariti 1-Day keeps your eyes healthy and comfortable throughout the day.

  • Material: Silicone Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 56%
  • Special Features: AquaGen™ Technology
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

8. PRECISION1 stays moist all day so you can enjoy a comfortable lens-wearing experience.

  • Material: Silicone Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 51%
  • Special Features: SMARTSURFACE® Technology
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

9. 1-DAY ACUVUE TruEye use patented HYDRACLEAR® 1 Technology to provide comfort similar to the feel of no lens at all.

  • Material: Silicone Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 46%
  • Special Features: HYDRACLEAR 1 Technology
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

10. Biomedics 1 Day lets you enjoy a comfortable lens-wearing experience without the hassle of a lens care routine.

  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Water Content: 52%
  • Special Features: Eye-inspired design, Optimized base curve
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

FAQs on Daily Disposable Contacts

  • Can you sleep in daily disposable contacts?
    No, you can’t and shouldn’t sleep in daily disposable contacts because they are not FDA-approved for overnight wear. Sleeping in daily contacts can increase your risk for contact lens-related complications, so always remove and discard them before bed.
  • Who can wear daily disposable contacts?
    Anyone who can wear contacts can wear dailies. If you’re new to contacts, your ECP will likely prescribe dailies because they are very comfortable and easy on the eyes. Dailies also help build a good foundation of contact lens habits that new and young lens wearers can apply to any type of contact lens they wear.
  • Can you wear daily disposable contacts more than once?
    No, you shouldn’t reuse daily disposable contacts as they are designed to be worn for only one day. Daily disposable contacts are also generally made of thinner materials than reusable contacts, so they won’t hold up well to reuse.
  • How long can you wear daily disposable contacts?
    Most people can safely and comfortably wear daily disposable contacts for up to 14 hours. But you may need to remove them sooner than that if you have sensitive eyes to give your eyes a chance to breathe.
  • Is it easy to care for and clean daily disposable contacts?
    Yes! Daily disposable contacts are arguably the easiest type of contact lens to care for as they require little to no cleaning.

In Summary

Daily disposable contacts are often more affordable than people think. But if cost is a concern, as it has been increasing for many over the past couple of years, you can use our list of the cheapest daily disposable contacts of 2023 as a guide to discuss options with your ECP and get the most value for your money.

Note: Only an ECP can determine your specific needs and match you with the best available option.