Biofinity vs ACUVUE VITA: Which Monthly Lens Is for You?


Choosing the right contact lens is a decision that can significantly impact your daily comfort and overall eye health. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to understand the differences and determine which brand meets your needs best. 

In this guide, we delve into an in-depth comparison between two leading monthly contact lens brands: Biofinity® and ACUVUE® VITA®. By exploring their features, technologies, and user feedback, we aim to provide you with the necessary insights to make an informed choice. 

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Summary: Biofinity vs ACUVUE VITA

Brand Biofinity ACUVUE VITA
Manufacturer CooperVision Johnson & Johnson
Wearing Schedule Daily wear or up to 7 days of extended wear Daily wear
Material 52% comfilcon A 59% senofilcon C
Water Content 48% 41%
Vision Problems Corrected – Nearsightedness
– Farsightedness
– Nearsightedness
– Farsightedness
Special Features – Aquaform® Technology
– Aberration Neutralizing System™
– Visibility tint
– HydraMax™ Technology
– Infinity Edge Design
– Class 1 UV blocker
– Visibility tint
– Inside-out mark
Lens Design Aspherical Spherical
Lenses Per Box 6 (6-month supply) 6 (6-month supply)

Biofinity vs ACUVUE VITA in Detail

Biofinity lenses are designed and manufactured by CooperVision, a global leader in the contact lens industry. These lenses are renowned for their use of Aquaform Technology, which enhances comfort and maintains breathability. Biofinity lenses are versatile, offering options for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia correction, and are approved for daily wear and up to seven days of extended wear.

ACUVUE VITA, on the other hand, is a product of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, another heavyweight in the eye care industry. These lenses are designed with HydraMax Technology, which focuses on maximizing and maintaining hydration throughout the lens for the entire month. Approved for daily wear, ACUVUE VITA is formulated to address issues of eye dryness, providing a solution for wearers who need reliable performance throughout the day.

Wearing Schedule

The wearing schedule of contact lenses is a crucial factor for many users, influencing both lifestyle convenience and eye health. This is where Biofinity and ACUVUE VITA diverge significantly as they cater to different preferences and needs.

Biofinity lenses are FDA-approved for a versatile wearing schedule that includes daily wear and up to 7 days of extended wear. This flexibility is a significant advantage for those with busy lifestyles or those who occasionally prefer not to remove their lenses every night. Extended wear of contact lenses allows for continuous use for up to a week. It’s essential to consult with an eye care professional (ECP) to determine if your eyes are suited for extended wear.

In contrast, ACUVUE VITA lenses are designed for daily wear only. This means they require proper removal, cleaning, and storage each night before bed. This schedule suits users who are more comfortable with or advised to avoid overnight lens wear due to personal eye health considerations. The daily removal of ACUVUE VITA lenses can be seen as an opportunity to minimize the risk of eye infections and maintain optimal lens hygiene.


Both Biofinity and ACUVUE VITA have invested heavily in technologies aimed at maximizing wearer comfort, but they do so through different means and materials.

Biofinity lenses utilize CooperVision’s patented Aquaform Technology, a unique feature that locks in moisture to ensure all-day comfort. This technology allows the lens to use the natural moisture of the eye to create a softer, more flexible lens that feels almost like a part of the eye itself. The smooth, rounded edges of Biofinity lenses are also designed to minimize interaction with the eyelids, reducing the sensation of the lens during blinking and minimizing irritation. The material used in Biofinity lenses, comfilcon A, is known for its softness, moisture retention, and resistance to deposits. This combination of features ensures that Biofinity lenses remain comfortable, moist, and clear throughout the day, even under challenging conditions.

On the other hand, ACUVUE VITA lenses feature HydraMax Technology, which is specifically designed to maximize and maintain hydration throughout the lens for the entire month. This technology optimizes the density and distribution of beneficial lipids throughout the lens, promoting a stable tear film and preventing dryness. The material of ACUVUE VITA lenses, senofilcon C, is known for its high oxygen permeability, which contributes to overall eye health and comfort. ACUVUE VITA’s design also incorporates an Infinity Edge Design that supports the eyelid to glide smoothly over the lens with each blink, reducing the sensation of the lens edge and minimizing friction and irritation.

Biofinity’s emphasis on moisture retention and smooth lens edges suits those who experience discomfort from lens interaction with the eyelid or from environmental factors. ACUVUE VITA, with its focus on maintaining hydration through HydraMax Technology and enhancing comfort with its Infinity Edge Design, is designed for those who find their lenses become less comfortable as the month progresses.

Special Features

Beyond the fundamental aspects of comfort and wearing schedules, both Biofinity and ACUVUE VITA contact lenses offer additional special features that set them apart and cater to the varied needs and preferences of users.

Biofinity lenses are equipped with the Aberration Neutralizing System, a feature designed to enhance vision quality by reducing spherical aberration across the lens and eye. Spherical aberration is a common issue that can cause problems with visual clarity, especially in low light conditions. By neutralizing these aberrations, Biofinity lenses provide users with sharper, clearer vision, regardless of the time of day or the lighting conditions. Biofinity lenses also have a visibility tint for easy handling without affecting eye color appearance.

ACUVUE VITA lenses, meanwhile, offer Class 1 UV protection — the highest level of UV blocking available in contact lenses. This protection helps to shield the wearer’s eyes from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of UV-induced eye damage over time. ACUVUE VITA contacts also have a visibility tint and inside-out marks to aid in handling, ensuring that users can easily identify the correct way to insert their lenses.


Both Biofinity and ACUVUE VITA are positioned within the mid-range price spectrum for monthly contact lenses, making them accessible options for a wide range of users. However, there are subtle differences in their pricing that could influence a buyer’s decision.

Biofinity lenses, while offering advanced moisture retention technologies and a flexible wearing schedule that includes up to 7 days of extended wear, are known to be slightly more affordable on average than their counterparts. This affordability does not come at the expense of quality or comfort, as Biofinity lenses include features such as the Aberration Neutralizing System and Aquaform Technology. For individuals who value the flexibility of extended wear or the specific visual enhancements provided by Biofinity, the slightly lower price point may represent a compelling value proposition.

ACUVUE VITA, on the other hand, incorporates unique technologies like HydraMax Technology and Class 1 UV protection, which contribute to its pricing. While ACUVUE VITA may come at a slightly higher cost compared to Biofinity, these lenses offer features aimed at maximizing hydration and providing the highest level of UV protection available in contact lens technology. For wearers who prioritize these aspects, especially those concerned about eye health in the long term, the investment in ACUVUE VITA could be seen as providing significant value.

It’s important to note that the price of contact lenses can also be influenced by individual retailers, promotions, insurance coverage, and package deals. When assessing the cost-effectiveness of Biofinity and ACUVUE VITA, potential buyers should consider the base price and the long-term benefits and features that each brand offers.


The reviews for both Biofinity and ACUVUE VITA on provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and reflect the high quality of both brands. 

ACUVUE VITA has a 9.4/10 rating based on over 270 reviews on Users frequently praise ACUVUE VITA for its performance, noting that the lenses maintain their comfort and hydration throughout the entire month. The fit of the lenses is also a commonly highlighted advantage, with many reviewers mentioning that ACUVUE VITA lenses provide a secure and comfortable fit that lasts all day without adjustment.

Biofinity, on the other hand, has a 9.2/10 rating based on over 980 reviews, showcasing a broad base of satisfied users. Reviewers frequently cite the fit and quality of Biofinity lenses as standout features, with many emphasizing the lenses’ ability to stay comfortable over extended wear periods. The breathability of Biofinity lenses is another aspect that receives considerable praise, with users noting a significant reduction in eye fatigue and dryness compared to other brands.

It’s important to remember that individual experiences can vary, and what works exceptionally well for one person might not be the best choice for another. While user reviews can provide valuable insights, the final decision should always be made in consultation with an ECP who can consider your specific vision needs and lifestyle when recommending contact lenses.

Conclusion: Which Monthly Contact Lens Is the Best for You?

Biofinity and ACUVUE VITA are two highly respected brands in the monthly contact lens market, each with unique features catering to different needs.

Biofinity stands out for its extended wear flexibility, innovative Aquaform Technology for enhanced moisture, and the Aberration Neutralizing System for clear vision. Its slightly more affordable price point, combined with positive reviews on fit, quality, and breathability, makes it an attractive option for those seeking comfort and value in their monthly lenses.

ACUVUE VITA, with its HydraMax Technology for optimal hydration, Infinity Edge Design for additional comfort, and Class 1 UV protection, appeals to users prioritizing eye health and consistent comfort throughout the lens’s life. Though slightly higher in price, its high ratings for performance, fit, and overall comfort reflect its value to its users.