What Is SmarTears Technology?

Dailies Total offer premium comfort features like Water Gradient tech, without the premium price.

SmarTears® Technology is a patented technology developed by Alcon, the global leader in eye care. It is exclusive to the Dailies Total1® brand of contact lenses.

SmarTears Technology
Source: Alcon

SmarTears Technology helps address contact lens-related dryness. It releases phosphatidylcholine (PC), an ingredient found in your tears. PC helps stabilize the lipid layer of your eye’s tear film, which reduces water evaporation. Without this layer, the tear film would lose moisture 20 times faster. This layer also provides a smooth optical surface for the cornea (the eye’s clear, dome-shaped front surface).

Simply put, SmarTears Technology helps keep the lenses moist and comfortable throughout the wearing period.

What is contact lens-related dryness?

Dry eye
Source: Ophthalmology Times

Contact lenses are generally comfortable to wear. But wearing them for long periods can cause dryness, leading to many problems, including irritation, redness, and itchiness.

Contact lens-related dryness may also be due to lens materials and environmental conditions. For instance, contacts made of material with low oxygen transmissibility (not breathable) will likely put the wearer at risk for contact lens-related dryness.

Lens materials with hydrophilic (water-loving) properties may also absorb tears to compensate for water loss throughout the wearing period and leave the eyes dry. Wearing contact lenses in a hot and dry environment or during the winter may also lead to quicker lens dehydration and contact lens-related dryness.

In some cases, the contact lens wearer may not produce enough tears to keep their eyes moist and lubricated, resulting in discomfort when they wear contact lenses. In such cases, the contact lens wearer’s dry eyes may be due to a preexisting medical condition or acquired through smoking or prolonged usage of digital devices.

Contact Lenses With SmarTears Technology

SmarTears Technology is unique to Alcon’s Dailies Total1 portfolio, which includes spherical, toric, and multifocal contact lenses. As daily disposable lenses, these contacts are designed to be worn for one day and removed and discarded every night before sleeping.

1. Dailies Total1

Dailies Total 1 90PK

Dailies Total1 are for contact lens wearers who prefer contacts that feel like nothing. They’re made with SmarTears Technology and Water Gradient surface material, enabling high breathability and exceptional comfort. Dailies Total1 come in near- and farsighted prescriptions and they feature a visibility tint for easier handling and insertion.

2. Dailies Total1 for Astigmatism

Dailies Total1 for Astigmatism are the first and only daily disposable toric contact lenses to feature SmarTears Technology and Water Gradient surface material. Dailies Total1 for Astigmatism also feature Precision Balance 8|4™ lens design, which provides the on-eye stability astigmatic patients need for clear and stable vision.

3. Dailies Total1 Multifocal

Dailies Total 1 Multifocal 90PK

Dailies Total1 Multifocal are designed to address presbyopia — an age-related eye condition that makes nearby objects appear blurry. As multifocal lenses, Dailies Total1 Multifocal contacts have multiple prescriptions in each lens. They also feature Precision Profile® Design for predictable, seamless vision at all distances.

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