4 Beauty Hacks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Have you always wondered how certain people manage to command attention with their eyes effortlessly? While there are indeed some people who have naturally captivating eyes, most simply know how to enhance what they already have.

It all comes down to having a few beauty hacks up your sleeve. The good news is that the best ones are simple but impactful. If you want to try out a few for yourself, we’ve shared a handful of our favorite ones below. Put them into action, and you’ll be turning heads in no time. 

1. Wear Colored Contacts

If you’re looking for a beautiful, no-fuss way to command attention with your eyes, there are few better ones than wearing colored contacts. The beauty of colored contacts is that there’s such a variety of colors to choose from that you won’t have any trouble finding a color that perfectly matches your desired look. 

Let’s say your natural eye color is brown, and you want to transform your look, then consider wearing blue or green contacts. However, if you’re after for a more subtle change, simply opt for a different shade of your natural color.  

Another great thing about colored contacts is their versatility. It’s up to you when you wear them. You can wear them every day if you wish or save them for special occasions. Many people love to have a few color options on hand to mix up their look whenever they please. 

Conveniently, colored contacts are suitable for both people who already wear contacts and those who don’t wear them at all. If you already wear contacts, you can easily select the specific power you need when adding a packet (or packets!) to your shopping basket. If you don’t wear contacts, simply select ‘+0.00’ power. It’s that easy!

2. Curl Your Lashes 

Sometimes, the most straightforward tools can provide the most dramatic results for your eyes. Case in point: eyelash curlers. A well-designed eyelash curler can take your look from 0 to 100 in just one quick press. 

If you’ve been using the same old eyelash curler for years, you may not realize just how advanced options on the market have now become. The latest eyelash curlers are not only designed to fit your eyes better, but they’re also more likely to provide you with a more noticeable and long-lasting curl. So if you want to make your eyes pop, then treat yourself to a new eyelash curler.

And how about if you’ve never been game to use an eyelash curler? Rest assured that there’s nothing to fear. We can understand why you may be hesitant; eyelash curlers don’t exactly look very inviting. Despite their appearance, they’re quite easy to use. They also shouldn’t hurt one little bit! We recommend giving this step-by-step guide a read to help you perfect your technique.

3. Experiment With Different Shades of Eyeshadow 

As most of us are creatures of habit, we tend to stick to the same few eye makeup looks. We may even use the same eye makeup for several years or even decades! But while it’s perfectly fine to have a go-to look, there’s no harm in shaking things up once in a while, especially considering there are so many eye-popping eyeshadow shades to choose from these days. 

So what eyeshadow shades are best to draw attention to your eyes? The answer will depend on your aesthetic as well as your eye color. For example, you could opt for something more natural, such as a light brown, or make all heads turn with a dramatic color such as a deep purple. 

If you’re interested in learning about what eyeshadow shades look best on which eye colors, check out this resource from Byrdie.



4. Keep the Rest of Your Look Simple 

Are you finding that despite all of the work you’ve put into making your eyes pop, they still aren’t commanding as much attention as you’d like? The problem could be that the rest of your look is overshadowing that of your eyes.

Think about it. If your eyes look on point, but you’re also sporting a bold lip color, heavy contouring, and bright blush, these features will all simultaneously compete for people’s attention. Consequently, there will be little chance for your eyes to stand out.

Fortunately, the solution couldn’t be more straightforward; try toning down the rest of your look a notch. By opting for a less heavy makeup look and keeping things more natural, your eyes will have the chance pop like never before.


There you have it. Four simple but effective ways to make your eyes pop. There are countless other beauty hacks for your eyes to try out. The ones we’ve outlined above are just the tip of the iceberg! If you’d like to share some that have worked for you, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.