What Does Your Favorite Pair of Fashion Sunglasses Say About You?

A pair of stylish sunglasses is a year-round, must-have accessory – right up there with your favorite handbag or a pair of glittering, diamond earrings. Not only are sunglasses a super chic accessory, but they’re an easy way to make a statement. While some choose sunglasses that match the frame of their face, others match theirs to their own unique style and personality. If you’re curious about what your favorite fashion sunglasses say about you, here’s the rundown.


A perennial favorite among models and celebrities, oversized sunglasses are symbolic of wealth, privilege, and a certain la-ti-da lifestyle. Made famous by “It” girls like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, larger-than-life sunnies are chic, glamorous, and sexy – a must-have accessory for adventurous fashionistas around the world. Oversized frames are flattering on virtually anyone, and make larger faces appear more petite. For a more vintage-inspired look, try light-colored frames. To take the look even further, try wearing oversized sunglasses with a pair of dramatic heels and a bold shade of lipstick.

Classic Aviators

Over time, aviators have evolved into a classic unisex style. A bit on the masculine side, these shades evoke power and confidence, and their signature silver-rimmed reflective nature is sure to turn some heads for all the right reasons. Originally worn by air force pilots and Tom Cruise in Top Gun, aviators are typically worn by low-maintenance ladies who still have an eye for fashion. If you have a narrow forehead and a strong jawline, these frames can add width to your forehead and soften your chin. Some advice: don’t wear them with leather boots and a leather jacket or you might look too much like a cop.

The Lowerre, aviator-style sunglasses from ClassicSpecs.

Shaped Sunglasses

It’s hard to look at heart-shaped sunglasses without thinking of the theatrical poster for “Lolita” – though it’s not necessarily an iconic look of the movie, it’s definitely a look of the time. Whether your shades are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or Marilyn Monroe’s favorite pair of cat-eyes, shaped lenses are perfect for those with a penchant for vintage looks inspired by the glitz and glamour of old-school Hollywood. Ideal for confident ladies who are willing to experiment with their look, shaped sunglasses look great with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a brightly colored blouse.

Mirrored/Colored/Oddly Shaped

Whether your sunglasses are fluorescent pink, mirrored, or neon-colored zebra print, it doesn’t matter – you’re adventurous, full of attitude, and not afraid to show your unique style off. Chances are you’re always a little ahead of the curve, and your closet is full of the latest looks and fashion trends. Definitely not for the faint of heart, these types of sunglasses aren’t for everyone – it takes a special kind of person to look good in a neon-green, tortoise shell pair of sunglasses with lenses that flip-up.


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