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Eyes give a person their character. Theyíre a small part of the face, yet they express a great deal of emotion. Itís no wonder that eyes get so much attention. Of course, everyone is born with their own beautifully unique eye color, but sometimes it can be fun to switch things up. This is where colored contacts come into play. Colored contact lenses provide contact lens wearers with the unique opportunity to switch up their eye color while also correcting vision.

Color contact lenses have come a long way since the early tinted lenses. Unlike the first generation of color contacts, todayís colored lenses are very natural looking. While there was a great deal of excitement around the initial tinted contacts, the process of making the colors look realistic had not yet been perfected. Tinted lenses were simply lenses that were made with a specific tint in them. They gave eyes an overall wash of color, unless the eyes were already quite dark, in which case they had little effect. Nowadays, contact lens manufacturers incorporate a blend of colors in a more natural iris pattern and print it on the surface of the lens. With color contacts, the natural color of the eyes doesnít show through the parts of the lenses the color is printed on. This feature gives even those with naturally dark colored eyes the opportunity to change up their eye color.

Many contact lens manufacturers carry a version of soft colored contacts and each brand has a range of shades that they offer. However, if youíre used to wearing gas permeable lenses, you are out of luck. Since hard contacts donít cover the entire iris, they cannot provide the desired effect. Of course, color change is not the only thing contact lenses are used for. Many people need contact lenses for vision correction as well. Fortunately, color contact lenses can do this as well. In fact, modern day colored lenses provide the same features as regular soft contacts, including high breathability, lasting moisture, build-up resistant material, and sharp vision. Those who donít require vision correction but still want to change their eye color can be fitted for colored contacts. Even if you donít require vision correction, colored contacts must still be prescribed by an eye care professional.

Since 1995, has been proud to offer high quality colored contact lenses at discount prices. Choose from a variety of colored contact lenses from and enjoy hassle-free returns, quick shipping, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Rating: 9.9/10 - 97 reviews

FreshLook ColorBlends

Color Disposable

(48 reviews)
I have been using this brand for a long time. The most natural looking color brand contacts that I have used. I have dark brown eyes. I usually get grey contacts and you can not tell that it's not my natural eye color. FreshLook ColorBlends is the best hands down.

FreshLook Colors

Color Disposable

(15 reviews)
Ordering contacts is seamless with The savings is undeniably fantastic. When I was going to order through my Doctor's office I was given an outrageous price and told there were no coupons available. You don't need a coupon with Lens. Their prices are lower even if you had one!. It's not only about the price, it's also the about service. I...

FreshLook Dimensions

Color Disposable

(7 reviews)
I've been wearing these contacts for over 10 years and I will probably continue to buy them either forever or until they stop making them. I have hazel eyes naturally, but with the Caribbean Aqua contacts they look forest green and I get tons of complements with people thinking its my natural eye color. I recommend these for everyone.

Expressions Colors

Color Disposable

(22 reviews)
I can't get over how fun it is to wear Expressions Colors! I picked out something completely different than normal and impressed my friends! New people actually think I have that eye color! No redness or irritation either so I don't look weird at the end of the day.

FreshLook One-Day (Focus Dailies SoftColors)

Daily Disposable

(3 reviews)
I've tried and worn a lot of brands of opaque lenses out there, yearly, extended, and disposables. I wore Colorblends disposables for a while, but they did not sit well on my eyes, and my eyes would turn so red and irritated, I never looked good wearing them, because I looked like I was suffering with them on. I felt like I looked like some drugg...

Air Optix Colors

Color Disposable

(2 reviews)
I love this brand! I always get compliments and people assume they are my real eye color.