4 Tips to Choose the Best Colored Contact Lenses for Your Eyes


Colored contact lenses are a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to elevate your look. Whether or not you want to complement them with makeup, the right colored contact lenses can add a whole new dimension to your appearance.

But choosing the right colored contact lenses for yourself is tricky. It’s not just about going online or visiting a store and picking the color you like. When choosing colored contact lenses, you’ll have to consider several factors.

But don’t fret. Lens.com is here to help. In this article, we discuss four tips to help you choose the best colored contact lenses for your eyes.

1. Determine whether you need Plano or vision-correcting contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are available in both vision-correcting and Plano variants. From the name itself, vision-correcting colored contact lenses provide vision correction to the wearer. Meanwhile, Plano contact lenses have zero power. They’re typically worn for purely aesthetic or cosmetic purposes.

Which one you need depends on whether or not you have any refractive errors (e.g., nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism). If you have a refractive error, then your eye care professional (ECP) will likely prescribe you vision-correcting colored contact lenses. Otherwise, you will likely be prescribed Plano contact lenses.

Note that you’ll need a valid prescription to buy colored contact lenses, regardless of whether they’re vision-correcting or Plano.

If you just need to renew your prescription, try Lens.com’s online vision test. Our online vision test is safe and accurate, and it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Once you’ve finished the test, a licensed ECP in the state will review your results before providing you with a valid prescription.

If you’ve never worn colored contact lenses before, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with your ECP for a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting.

2. Learn the differences between the various tints

Colored contact lenses come in various tints, each with a different use. The three colored contact lens tints are:

  • Visibility tint

Visibility tint-colored contact lenses have only a faint tint of green or blue. Wearing these colored contact lenses won’t affect your natural eye color in any way. The tint is only there so that you can easily see the contact lenses in your contact lens case during insertion and removal. If you drop your contact lenses, the tint also makes it easier to spot them.

  • Enhancement tint

Enhancement tint-colored contact lenses have a darker tint than visibility tint contact lenses. From the name itself, enhancement tint-colored contact lenses enhance your iris (the colored part of your eye). They don’t completely change or transform it.

  • Opaque tint

Opaque tint-colored contact lenses have the darkest tint among the three. The color on these contact lenses is almost solid, which is why they’re capable of completely changing the wearer’s natural eye color.

Choosing a tint will depend on the kind of look you’re after. If you only want to make your natural eye color more vibrant, go with enhancement tints. If you wish to change your eye color altogether, choose opaque tint-colored contact lenses.

3. Pick a color that complements your skin tone

When choosing colored contact lenses, always choose colors that go well with your skin tone. This is the key to maximizing the color of your contact lenses and creating the best possible look.

Here are some guidelines you can follow when choosing colored contact lenses based on your skin tone:

  • Light or fair complexion

If you have light skin, opt for contact lenses in shades of blue or gray. These colors will make your eyes appear more vibrant and add allure to your look. Shades like aqua blue, dark blue, light gray, and mist gray are great choices.

  • Medium or tan complexion

If you have medium or tanned skin, you have a variety of colors to choose from. You can wear contact lenses in shades of green, such as lime green, gemstone green, and opal. You can also wear contact lenses in shades of blue and violet.

  • Warm or dark complexion

If you have warm-colored skin, the best shades of contact lenses for you include honey, hazel, chocolate brown, light brown, and other similar shades.

4. Pick a color that complements your hair color

It’s not just your skin color that you need to think about when choosing colored contact lenses; you also need to consider your hair color. Here are some tips to remember.

  • Light or blonde hair

If you have blonde hair, contact lenses in bright shades will do wonders for your look. You can wear brightly colored contact lenses in green, blue, violet, and gray shades, and almost any color will suit an individual with blonde hair.

  • Brown hair

If your hair is any shade of brown, choose contact lenses in shades of green or brown. Any of these shades will look great on you.

  • Black or dark-colored hair

Like individuals with blonde hair, those with black or dark-colored hair also have a wide range of colored contact lenses to choose from. You can go with light shades of green, bright shades of purple and violet, and even dark shades of brown.


If you’re planning to wear colored contact lenses, be sure to consider our tips. This way, you not only get the most out of your colored contact lenses, but you also look your best.