PRECISION1 vs ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day: An In-Depth Comparison


As a contact lens wearer, you may find yourself navigating a sea of brands and types, each promising optimal comfort and clarity. Among the top contenders in the daily disposable lens market are PRECISION1® and ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day. As vision is a vital aspect of our daily lives, making an informed decision is crucial.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at these two leading brands, assessing their features and benefits, to help you determine which lens might be the best fit for your needs.

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ManufacturerAlconJohnson & Johnson
Wearing ScheduleDailyDaily
Material49% verofilcon A62% senofilcon A
Water Content51%38%
Vision Problems Corrected– Nearsightedness
– Farsightedness
– Nearsightedness
– Farsightedness
Special Features– SmartSurface® Technology
– Class 1 UV protection
– Visibility tint
– TearStable™ Technology
– OptiBlue™
– Class 1 UV protection
– Visibility tint
– Inside-out mark
Lens DesignSphericalSpherical
Lenses Per Box90 (3-month supply)30 (1-month supply) or 90 (3-month supply)


PRECISION1 is made by Alcon, a global name renowned for its dedication to eye care. With roots dating back to the 1940s, Alcon has built a reputation grounded in innovation, quality, and expertise in the world of ophthalmology. Over the decades, it has introduced a plethora of eye care solutions, ranging from surgical equipment to vision care products. PRECISION1, one of its latest offerings, underscores this commitment to advancing the science of sight and enhancing optical comfort for daily lens wearers.

On the other hand, ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day is made by another industry giant: Johnson & Johnson. A household name in healthcare, Johnson & Johnson’s legacy spans over a century of breakthroughs across various medical sectors. Its ACUVUE brand, launched in the late 1980s, marked a significant stride in the contact lens industry, delivering advanced lens technologies tailored to diverse user needs. ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day stands as a testament to the company’s effort to merge health science with daily convenience for contact lens users.

Wearing Schedule

Both PRECISION1 and ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day lenses offer daily disposable wearing schedules, emphasizing optimal eye health and minimizing risks associated with extended wear. Here’s why such a wearing schedule may be beneficial:

  • Comfort and Eye Health – Protein, lipids, and other substances found naturally in tears can build up on your contacts. These deposits can make your contacts less comfortable than when they were new and make your eyes more prone to infection. Starting with a fresh pair of contact lenses every day minimizes the risk of surface deposit buildup.
  • Convenience – Because daily disposable contact lenses are replaced every day, there’s little to no lens cleaning required. This makes contacts like PRECISION1 and ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day suitable for wearers who prefer a convenient lens.
  • Allergy Reduction – For contact lens wearers with allergies, daily disposables can be a game-changer. Pollen, dust, and other allergens can accumulate on extended-wear lenses, even with regular cleaning. This isn’t an issue with daily disposables because they’re thrown away at the end of the day.

In sum, PRECISION1 and ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day emphasize the balance between comfort, eye health, convenience, and optimal vision. By understanding these benefits, you can make an informed decision tailored to your lifestyle and eye care needs.


Both PRECISION1 and ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day provide long-lasting comfort, but each brand achieves this through unique technologies and materials.

PRECISION1 contact lenses use Alcon’s exclusive SmartSurface Technology to retain moisture on the lens surface. This helps combat dryness and irritation throughout the wearing period. Plus, PRECISION1 contact lenses are made of a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material for clear, healthy-looking eyes.

Meanwhile, ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day contact lenses deliver comfort through TearStable Technology. This proprietary technology from Johnson & Johnson slows down the rate of tear evaporation to maintain wearing comfort all day. Additionally, TearStable helps keep eyes feeling comfortable during demanding situations, such as when staring at a digital screen.

And while ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day contacts are also made of silicone hydrogel, they are slightly more breathable than PRECISION1 contacts.

Special Features

Both PRECISION1 and ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day bring to the table an array of innovative features tailored to enhance the user experience. Here’s a detailed breakdown:


  • SmartSurface Technology – This technology maintains moisture on the lens surface to ensure consistent hydration, potentially reducing feelings of eye dryness throughout the wearing period.
  • Class 1 UV Protection – Classified as Class 1 lenses, PRECISION1 contacts block over 96% of UVA and over 99% of UVB rays. This makes PRECISION1 contacts a great choice for wearers who spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Visibility Tint – PRECISION1 contacts are easy to insert and remove because of their light blue tint. The tint won’t change your natural eye color.


  • TearStable Technology – This exclusive feature locks in moisture and maximizes tear film stability. By maintaining a stable tear film, ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day contacts ensure consistent comfort and clear vision throughout the day.
  • OptiBlue Light Filter – Unique to ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day contacts, OptiBlue features a 60% blue-violet filter, which reduces light scatter. This sharpens visual clarity and minimizes potential strain and discomfort linked to prolonged digital screen exposure — a notable concern in today’s digital age.
  • Class 1 UV Protection – ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day contacts feature the highest level of UV protection available in a daily disposable contact lens.
  • Visibility Tint – Similar to PRECISION1 lenses, ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day contacts come with a tint to facilitate easy insertion and removal.


PRECISION1 contacts are a mid-to-high-range option due to their premium comfort-enhancing technology and silicone hydrogel material. Meanwhile, ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day contacts are slightly more expensive across retailers. This is mostly due to their exclusive OptiBlue Light Filter and partly due to their brand reputation.

While both contact lens brands come with unique features, PRECISION1 offers a slightly more affordable option from a purely monetary perspective.

As always, you should weigh the cost in conjunction with your specific needs, preferences, and the unique features each brand offers.


Review ratings offer invaluable insights into user satisfaction and product performance, especially in the realm of contact lenses where comfort and clarity are paramount.

On, PRECISION1 holds an impressive rating of 9.6/10. This high score is based on feedback from 34 users, indicating consistent satisfaction across a relatively broad sample of wearers.

ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day, as a more recent entry to the market, has garnered a perfect rating of 10/10. Note that this score is derived from only 2 reviews as of writing. So while the initial impression is stellar, the limited number of reviews suggests the need for further assessments as more users try the product.

Conclusion: Which Daily Contact Lens Is Right for You?

PRECISION1 and ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day come highly recommended, boasting unique features and technologies designed for modern contact lens wearers. From the convenience of daily disposability to advanced comfort features, each brand has its strengths.

Ultimately, the best choice hinges on your eye care professional’s (ECP) advice, individual preferences, and specific eye care needs.

This information is intended as a resource, not medical advice. Be sure to consult with your ECP to determine your specific needs.