The Latest Contact Lenses of 2021


    Contact lenses are a medical device, and manufacturers invest in innovation and improvements over time. Lenses continually get better in terms of their comfort features, breathability, and durability. Compared to how fast other industries innovate, they sit somewhere in the middle, less dynamic than the computer chip industry (which advances every year) but more dynamic than the apparel industry. 

    New contact lenses with notable features and technologies simply don’t happen every year. Acuvue Oasys and Biofinity contacts are two of the most popular contacts on, and were introduced well over a decade ago. So it’s exciting that we got to introduce a few new products over the past year. These are not all new for 2021 but are the most recent and notable entrants to the market. We’ll go over their features and benefits and why you might consider them over your tried-and-true lenses.

    Infuse by Bausch + Lomb

    Infuse from Bausch + Lomb is the newest lens on the list, introduced to the market in 2020 and made available on in 2021. This is a great all-around lens that boasts next-generation hydration technology called ProBlance. This is a daily disposable lens with a relatively high water content (55%) and oxygen transmission rating (134 Dk/t), along with class 2 UV blocking (the second-highest level available). These are not best-in-class numbers, with a few contacts rated at 160+ Dk/t values, but there’s a welcome middle ground to these figures (overly high water content lenses can be prone to drying out your eyes, for example). Speaking of balance, Bausch + Lomb introduced a new wetting technology called ProBalance in these lenses. ProBalance combines two wetting agents, incorporated into the lens matrix, rather than the typical single wetting agent that many contacts use. 

    Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism

    The fact that up to 30% of the US population has some degree of astigmatism makes any new entrant to the toric lens market welcome. Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism is one of the top five best-selling lenses on So how does this compare? 

    With their superior breathability as a material, Silicone hydrogel lenses make Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism an excellent option for wearers who prefer what they perceive to be a more naturally comfortable experience with hydrogel lenses, which these contacts are. The biggest claim to fame with these lenses is its Surface Active Technology. One of the issues with modern lenses with higher water content is their tendency to dry out throughout the day. So the manufacturer injected a compound into the lens mold that acts as an effective barrier to prevent the lens from dehydrating and the wetting agent from drying out. The result is a sustainable 78% water content (same as the human eye). We think this technology is promising. Consult your ECP for further guidance if you want to give them a try.

    MyDay Daily Disposable

    MyDay Daily Disposable from CooperVision is a bit of a stretch in terms of its newness as it was launched in 2015. But this lens was introduced to our site only a couple of years ago, and moreover, its manufacturer made a significant investment in producing more of these lenses a year ago, which hints at their increasing popularity. What makes them noteworthy?

    These are daily disposable silicone hydrogel lenses in the middle tier of pricing. What makes them unique is the number of tech advances in one lens. Firstly, their Aberration Neutralizing System aims to provide superior vision without imperfections that can plague the contact lens experience. Followed by Aquaform Technology serves to lock in moisture throughout the day. And finally, Smart Silicone is a material design tech that enables the lens to use less silicone than competitors. While silicone is an excellent material for contacts, it can be uncomfortable for some wearers. These lenses are a lesser-known or promoted option, but they are worth a look.

    Acuvue Oasys Transitions

    Acuvue Oasys Transitions launched in 2018. Like transitions glasses, these contacts respond seamlessly to changing light conditions while reducing exposure to bright light indoors and out. They remain one of the most-searched-for lenses, not always for users to buy and wear but out of curiosity for their unique quality. 

    Time Magazine voted these as one of the best 50 innovations of 2018. These lenses are the only lenses on the market that are light-adaptive. Even better, they’re built on top of an already solid foundation in the Acuvue Oasys contact lens. 

    While these lenses don’t replace sunglasses, they can significantly reduce harsh glare and do so automatically! Being an Acuvue Oasys lens, they inherit an advanced silicone hydrogel formulation and a wearing schedule that allows for overnight wear (with approval from your ECP). In our experience, these lenses are ‘legit’ and worth inquiring about with your ECP if you think you’re curious about their capabilities.


    So there you have it. We present to you our newest contact lenses, each with their own set of unique characteristics. They join a selection of contacts on that surpass 200 in number. With a bit of guidance from your eye doctor, now is a great time to try something new from an ever-advancing industry.